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Silent witnesses. One and a half thousand CCTV cameras in St. Petersburg will be united in one network


Total surveillance has come to St. Petersburg. CCTV cameras at the streets, subway and train stations will be united into a single network. The “safe city” system has already been cooperating with the subway, as a test. Now you can track the movement of every person in public spaces of the city. Mariya Evsyukova witnessed the work of 1,5 thousand cameras


24 hours a day, seven days a week these silent witnesses are looking over St. Petersburg. 19,000 outside CCTV cameras record billions of hours of footage every year. Not only the buildings, but yards, squares, and parks - all have eyes

Mariya Evsyukova, reporter: “Before, a person of interest would've only been tracked by outside cameras. The subway was a blind spot. Now, a person walking into the subway will not be lost track of. More than 1500 cameras will transmit footage to the united surveillance center

The center’s operators will process and save video in real time. It will be stored for seven days. The new generation cameras allow a360° look

Mikhail Presnyakov, deputy head of surveillance department: “At least 30 times optical zoom. According to technical specifications. The cameras are controlled, full HD. We can even see license plates on a car from a considerable distance”

The main task of the system is not spying on people, but making the city safe. The tragic events onthe subway on April 3rd forced the decision to unite the city’s video streams

Ivan Lobatskiy, deputy head of developing CCTV at city’s monitoring center: “As a test mode, we've already launched a certain number – I will not give you the exact number for safety reasons. What I can say is that we have integrated all resources which will provide safety for fans during the World Cup in 2018

If a man hides one's face in front of one camera, there will be another one to spot him. The surveillance system not only helps to solve crimes, but also has a containing effect. One has to wonder how many violations it has already stopped and prevented