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The reconstruction of Alexandrovskiy Park. “Civic paths” will be erased


The Alexandrovskiy Park will be renovated, to make citizens happy. As well as attracting tourists. Architectural bureaus have already designed several concepts


This was preceded by a very long work, including scouting. The winner will be determined tomorrow. The conclusion is made by specialists and potential changes to the park - in Anna Bezkrovnaya's report

Circumventing paved paths, visitors of the park are walking straight through the lawn. The city’s administration decided to put an end to the chaotic “civic paths”, which are harming the outlook of the historic park. The Alexandrovskiy Park is in for the renovation. There will be new pedestrian zones and entertainment spots. But, first of all, the authorities want to get rid of cars

Ivan Gromov, head of Petrogradskiy district administration: “One of our main tasks was to limit vehicle movement without losing the capabilities to park. The second task we set for ourselves was opening the promenade by the Kronwerk creek. We think it's a part of the park which is not active at the moment, is in a very bad condition, let's call it the way it is. It needs to be put in order”

Urban designers helped the authorities to find out what else needs to be taken care of in Alexandrovskiy Park. Specialists from ITMO university have conducted a research. It showed that some zones of the park are particularly popular among residents of St. Petersburg

Varvara Lymar, architect: “In some places there are no paths between the obvious places of attraction. Four instance - between the subway station and stops of on-the-ground transportation. People prefer to take the shortest path. And in those places, where a detour is not an easy one, they just go through the lawn. Such problems are usually typical for the places close to subway station and bus stops

Creation of new pedestrian zones has to be part of the renovation concept. However, the old paths also will have to be reworked

Anna Bezkrovnaya, reporter: “One of the main problems determined by the urban designers is the connection of the park with adjoining streets. For instance, Kronverskiy Prospekt. The people who are walking on this side of it are forced to cross the tramway line – in essence, violating road safety rules. And you cannot even get into the park – there is a fence.

Expanding the number of entrances into the park, making the sidewalks wider – those ideas have become the foundation of concepts, worked out at four architectural bureaus. The projects are different – from almost entire resurrection of the historic outlook to creating a modern day recreation zone with urban looking lights and benches. The authorities will determine on Friday which of the ideas would be implemented