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The bridge of records. The Liteinyi Bridge will celebrate 50th anniversary of its massive renovation


This year marks 50 years since the Liteinyi Bridge was opened after a massive renovation work. Back then, in 1967, the bridge was completely revamped, and the drawing system was replaced by the one we've got used to today – the one-winged.


The bridge has turned into a real giant. Artem Sharipov reports on Liteinyi Bridge’s records

From launching pumps to the actual drawing, a mechanic undertakes six steps. First it's a set up, then warming the equipment - all that while cars are still driving through the bridge, while everything inside the famous bridge is already moving and bustling. 

The Liteinyi Bridge was once named after Emperor Alexander third, it became the second permanent bridge over Neva and now it's on 169th year. But the look that we all have got used to came just 50 years ago. A massive renovation changed the construction – before, it drew sideways, after - upwards. The size of the Liteinyi Bridge also changed after the renovation

Artem Sharipov, reporter: “They heaviest drawing part weighs 3,5 thousand tons, it's also got the longest wing. It was also the widest one. But another thing is truly surprising. Despite huge size, it only takes three minutes to draw the bridge

Such speed is achieved by hydraulic pumps, installed here back in the 1960s. You can say that the Liteinyi Bridge has eight hearts. And they take turns, although only four of those take part in the actual drawing process

Igor Povelyev knows more about the life of the Liteinyi Bridge than anybody else. He has been in charge of the drawing shift for more than 20 years. He calls his work easy, comparing it to a mechanic on the ship

Igor Povelyev, head of shift at Liteinyi Bridge: “This is the closest profession. A ship has everything we do have here. And it's all the same

Back in the days it took eight men to service the drawing of the bridge. Today, with the use of hydraulics, it's twice less. But there are far more personnel needed to take care of the legendary bridge

Andrey Belashov, head engineer at “Mostotrest”: “There are rules regarding the operations. Up to 250 operations. The electrical gear, the complex of works - it's all aimed at longevity”

Another renovation is still some time off - it would last for it least another 25 years, and possibly even 50. But the anniversary of the last renovation, which gave the second life to the Liteinyi Bridge will be celebrated as a birthday. They promise that it will be even better that last year's jubilee of the Dvortsovyi Bridge