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The Flea Five. The Udelnyi Market entered the Forbes Top Five


Despite the cold weather, the tourist season in St. Petersburg is in full swing. And a necessary destination for many visitors is the Udelniy Market


Regular buyers know - this is where you can find peculiar and rare things. The sellers, in return, find it problematic dealing with second-hand and antique stores. So, at a flea market it's much easier to get rid of things you don't need, but that some other people may need. Alexander Odintsov visited the flea market

As the subway opens, buyers are popping up at the Udelnyi Market, and start trying to buy things, preferably cheaper. Sellers, however, are ready to sell it all – preferably, for more money

Many people want to take their place at the Market’s stalls. Some put their merchandise on the ground. Funnily enough, those items are in a bigger demand, while one doesn't have to pay anything for using this space

There are no newbies among these entrepreneurs. And some of those who have been here for a while even gave up large businesses to be able to sell at this market. One of them is Roman. He has been selling vinyl records here for 5 years.

Roman Bratishev, seller: “There is an opinion that marketplaces are always something cheap, but it's wrong. Even millionaires and billionaires come here. Because it is at a marketplace, particularly the one at Udelnyi Market, you can find some things which you won't be able to find anywhere else

From tiny toys, used pipes, keys to seemingly all doors and massive furniture and antiques to Chinese wholesale products. The caring lovers of exclusive things come here first, to take the best from the flea market

Darya Afanasenko, buyer: “Right now we're just looking, have set our sights on a couple of things to come back for them.

The entire beauty of trade relations has been alive here from the moment when the marketplace opened - almost 20 years ago. The principle is the same as the one which existed back in the Soviet days. Meaning every price is negotiable

Viktor Drozdovskiy, visitor at Udelniy Market: “Sometimes prices here are even higher that at a store. But you can always negotiate a lower one”

Flea markets have become a necessary destination on a tourist route. Global press adds to their fame. For instance, there is the Forbes rating, where the Udelnyi Market marketplace is in top 5. Next to Tokyo, the founder of the flea market culture Paris, Israel and, certainly, the keeper of the monarchic vintages - England.

Alexander Odintsov, reporter: “There are three major flea markets in London. And one of them, just like in St. Petersburg, is situated not far from the central part of the city, on the north. Camden Town is truly a city within a city. The markets take a huge space. And the popularity among tourists is so high that in the weekends even the closest tube station is closed for entrance”

They sell crystal things, famous brands of English clothing and souvenirs. It's also the place which the underground youths are attracted to - after looking for a pearl in the sea of unnecessary things; they would go, for instance, to a rock club. That's why it's never empty here. There are no plans to set up cafés or nightclubs at the Udelnyi Market – those running it are sure that even without those they will always have many hunters for the rare, the exclusive and the cheap.