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St. Petersburg mourns. The April 3 terrorist attack claims 14 lives


Stories of those who died in that fateful train explosion on April 3 – in Pavel Nikiforov’s report.


Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “And now let's talk about this. Very often we are losing the depth of a tragic event in official news coming from the mass media. We look at it in the two dimensional format. Very flat. Last names, initials, birthdates. But behind every line is a human life. A lot of those. And now we will tell you about just a few of those. Those who died and survived in April 3rd terrorist attack. Here are the stories collected by our reporter Pavel Nikiforov

The self-defense club where Denis Petrov worked as an instructor is called “Voin” - the warrior. The name befitting Denis – champion of St. Petersburg and graduate of the GRU training center. Lately, Dennis has been training teenagers. At the lobby of the club you can find the schedule with Dennis's classes. On that Wednesday, 7:30 PM, nine years old plus. But across from it is the photo of the 25-year-old coach. And a table which students are bringing flowers to. On April 4th, in the morning, the club’s online forum stated that coach Denis Petrov was missing. On that day the investigative committee confirmed his death.

Andrey Koptsev, colleague of Denis Petrov: “He was a very open man, very simple minded, which is not often for martial arts. Here people often have sophistication, but he was very simple. It was easy to get along with him. We had many common interests on how to train children. And he had long-going plans on how he would train children”

Denis trained children, and mostly children were riding with him on the train. Mansur Sagadeev, 17 years old, second-year student at a college. Kseniya Malyukova, 18 years of age, student of St. Petersburg Obstetrics College. Maxim Aryshev, 20 years of age, from Kazakhstan. Dilbara Aliyeva, 21 years old, died on the night of fourth of April at the hospital. Today, in the lobby of the transportation University, where Dilbara studied to be a psychologist, dark red roses are being brought to be laid by the picture of the girl by her classmates. After graduation, Dilbara was looking to provide psychological help to victims of terrorist attacks on transportation, but actually died in a terrorist attack on a transport. Now people from all over the city are coming in to bid their final farewell

Sholya Agayeva: “I am from Azerbaijan. A girl from my home country died, so that's why I came here to say goodbye”

50-year-old Irina Medyantseva covered her daughter with herself after the blast. Alyona survived, she is now in ICU. Irina died in the ambulance car because of her severe wounds. She was a well-known puppet maker. The puppets she created had very very sad eyes and unbelievable optimism on their faces. Her husband Alexander cannot take his eyes off her creations when he talks about his wife

Alexander Kaminskiy, Irina Medyantseva’s widower: “A lot of people have Irina’s dolls. Some people bought it for a wedding, some for private collections. But look - those are actually all positive, this was her trademark”

Irina’s second daughter, Julia, has been shell-shocked for the whole week, reminiscing everything which happened on the day before the tragedy

Yuliya Medyantseva, daughter of Irina Medyantseva” “Mom went to see my sister off, and just the day before - we were all together, all happy, went to a theater. But then she went to see off my sister, she lives in Velikiy Novgorod - and got on that train.

14 people dead. 14 stories of the people, which had a tragic end. But besides these 14, who will always be remembered, there are also other stories - which allowed the people to survive. On that day people fought for each other. Svetlana Petrugina was on her way to a firm, but ended up with terrible burns and a piercing leg wound

- I will call you back later. Yes OK. You see, I can smile now. I generally smile a lot. But in the first couple of days I could not smile.

Her phone is never silent. Someone calls all the time and asks about her health. And every time, with a certain kindness in her voice, she tells her story. 25-year-old Eva Vishnevskaya also told hers. On that day she was transporting work related documents and got on the train at the Petrogradskaya station

Eva Vishnevskaya, eyewitness: “I often have doubts in my life – which road should I take or which door should I open. Even more so, at the Petrogradskaya station – that's what you don't see what kind of trains are there, just two doors opening. And initially I was standing at one door, planning to go in, but that had three men in front of it, and the other one had only one. So I ended up walking into a different door and riding the train in a different cart. Thats life”

This smile on the face of Eva is the proof that we will not be broken. The proof that we will not forget those who died, and those who survived will cherish every new day, just as we all will. And we will continue smiling, to counter those who orchestrated this terrorist attack, to counter with those who think that these things can go unpunished. To counter evil, in all its forms