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The April 3 terrorist attack. The timeline


Yuriy Zinchuk, host: “And just a few hours after Americans struck the airbase in Syria, newswires came up with the following message.


I quote – terrorist attack in St. Petersburg will become one of the topics to discuss when US state secretary Rex Tillerson comes to Moscow, that's according to a high ranked official at the US state department. He said that we condemned the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg. And this will certainly become one of the talking points during the visit. End of quote

I'd like to remind that Tillerson will visit Russia on 11th and 12th of April. There is hope that pragmatic discussion of St. Petersburg terrorist attack would be able to bring our countries at least one step closer to a mutual understanding. We really hope so. But for the time being, after missile strikes in Syria, we are moving further and further away from one another. But will get back to this. For now let's just discuss, what exactly happened in St. Petersburg between Sennaya Ploschad and Technologicheskiy Institut stations on 3 April, at 2:32 PM. How this event changed us, how it brought us together and what lessons have we learned

This is the biggest ever terrorist attack on St. Petersburg is metro. The first, to be precise. The first direct attack. With the help of an IED. It is the first case. We all remember horrible tragedies in the capital – terrorist attacks on Naginskaya Metro station in 1996, the Pushkinskaya station in 2000. The Paveletskaya station in 2004, and Rizhskaya station in just literally a few months. And then a double terrorist attack in 2010 at Park Kultury and Lubyanka stations

Back then the whole country felt shocked after every terrorist attack on the Moscow subway. And many residents of St. Petersburg were saying to themselves – God forbid this from happening to us. And it has been. Until Monday, April 3rd

As horrible as it may sound, but our city was ready for consequences of such tragedy. Beginning with the hero train driver who managed to get the exploded train to the station - to ordinary residents, who drove people to their homes. There was no panic. There was no screaming. People were rescued, bandaged, and taken to hospitals without any excessive words or emotions. People in the Northern Capital have learned to contain them

And another resident of St. Petersburg did just that. The person who from childhood has been calling this station not Technologicheskiy Institut, but just “Technolozhka”. Vladimir Putin came here to lay flowers, canceling all business meetings. And nobody has seen Putin like this for a long time. Clenched teeth and pale face coupled with a deafening silence of St. Petersburg’s native, who experienced a big tragedy. But no disarray. The meeting of the emergency headquarters at Liteynyi 4 was held by Putin personally in the middle of the night. And on the next morning St. Petersburg woke up as a different city. The city which survived floods, revolutions, the war, blockade, and now – a terrorist attack. The city which became even more united and stronger because of this test