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The Defense Ministry plans to reconstruct the House of the Officers at Liteinyi Prospekt. Residents risk losing their homes


Residents of the House of the Officers at Liteinyi Prospekt can find themselves on the streets. Many people walking past the beautiful building at Liteinyi, 20 have no idea that not only concerts and events are held inside, but people also live there.


In rooms, which don’t look like modern day housing, several families currently live. They've been waiting to be re-accommodated for many years. But recently they were told that they would have to vacate their homes. The House of the Officers is due for a capital renovation

Going to court to get assurances from the Defense Ministry on getting replacement housing has not produced any results. Alexander Odintsov spoke to the residents

Valentina Petrova, resident of the House of the Officers: “It’s unsuitable for living. There are legal documents proving it. We have a lot of those”

The Petrovs are gathering documentation which would allow them to move. But it seems they've already lost hope the move would ever materialize. They've been trying to make it happen for several decades. Now, the family of 5 lives on 40 square meters at the House of the Officers. They were given these rooms back in the 1970s. Since then, they have been promised several times that their living conditions would be improved

Valentina Petrova, resident of the House of the Officers: “We were promised that we will be given better accommodation. They even allocated it for us, but somebody snatched it first. How did this happen? Well, just like that! Managers changed, the system changed”

Only the situation hasn't changed. Several apartments at the House of the Officers had residents. Now only Petrovs and Schapovs have been left.

  • We have done renovation, on our own money. Pipes are old, and nobody wants to replace them. We simply have no one to turn to

But recently it was revealed that the House of the Officers is due for a capital renovation. And this means that both Petrovs and Schapovs risk losing any kind of roof above their heads

Anna Schapova, resident of the House of the Officers: “Our building is due for a reconstruction and capital renovation. So we are being told - since you're not military, you're not eligible for anything. And then I go to the administration of the Central District. And they tell us that the building belongs to the Defense Ministry and they are the ones responsible for your accommodation”

From one governmental body to another. The families were forced to go to court. They also have to take trips to Moscow. They lost the first lawsuit. Although lawyers claim that the Housing Code is on their side

Sergey Shepel, lawyer: “They have to be given different housing. Plus, the project of the reconstruction does not entail the possession of apartments. All court orders which we have today are based on the basic principles of the Housing Code. We are declaring their position to them, and they're not analyzing it in their statements”

Their plight seems endless. Now the case has reached the Supreme Court. Families from the House of the Officers are still hoping to get some sort of replacement housing from the Defense Ministry. But they are pessimistic that their fight for new housing will probably continue.

The Sankt-Peterburg TV channel has filed a request with the Defense Ministry. We are hoping to receive commentary on the subject in the nearest future