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Every detail is considered. Safe transportation of the arch for the Crimean bridge has been designed in St. Petersburg


The Krylovskiy scientific center in St. Petersburg has designed a method how to safely transport the arches for the Krymskiy Bridge. Scientists have created a model of transporting the gigantic parts, evaluating the speed of the wind and the flow of the sea. Construction workers will be able to quickly and effectively conduct the difficult operation with the help of the scientists’ recommendations. Artem Sharipov with more details


Artem Sharipov, reporter: “Specialists from the Krylovskiy scientific center have given very concrete recommendations to the construction workers. Every detail has been thought of. Without leaving the walls of the facility, by means of experiments and modeling, scientists have managed to identify the needed number of tug-boats, as well as weather conditions which would allow such transportation to take place

The experiment is in progress. The object of the research – models of arches. The ratio of the models is 1 to 60. Ships and parts of the bridge are tested in an aerodynamic tube. Scientists clarify – the device is imitating the borderline layer of the atmosphere

Sergey Solovyev, deputy head of aerodynamics department at Krylovskiy State research center: “Re-creating the borderline layer of the atmosphere gives us an accurate estimation of wind pressure, and we tested all possible scenarios of wind flow”

Experimental part was also held in the middle of a swimming pool. And then specialists started mathematical evaluations. Every meter of a ship’s trip is being scrutinized in detail – accuracy is very important, because the arches are huge, their length exceeds 200 m, and their weight can reach 6 tons. Transporting those through the Gulf is difficult and dangerous

Sergey Solovyev, deputy head of aerodynamics department at Krylovskiy State research center: “We relied upon the data applicable to the Kerchenskiy Straight – the wind and the water flow. We managed to achieve an important result – the speed of the wind must not exceed 10 m/s

Besides that, it is very important to estimate the optimal disposition of the tug-boats. There are several variants. The highly complicated operation to transport the arches for the Krymskiy Bridge is scheduled for the end of August, and the bridge itself is being mounted on the shores of the Gulf at the moment