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Ready for the navigation season. Report on the drawing mechanisms of the Blagoveshenskiy Bridge


During the navigation season, the Blagoveshenskiy Bridge is the first to be drawn. Today, marking it's 85th anniversary, specialists of the “Mostotrest” invited the press to the closest bridge to the Gulf of Finland. The capital renovation of the Blagoveshenskiy Bridge was finished only 10 years ago. Now it is one of the most up-to-date bridges in the region. Alexander Burenin reports


Workers at the bridge describe the winter season as a routine - a lot of monotonous work to check the mechanisms. But residents of the city have been keeping it entertaining lately. There are open parts of the bridge which are very close to the water, and when everything is frozen, some people go down from the embankment, onto the ice and then climb the bridge. Security officers are trying to negate such attempts, and but when they ask the questions as to why people did this – they get responses along the lines of “well, it was just interesting”.

The modern-day day Blagoveshenskiy Bridge is very young. Only 10 years old. That's why the equipment is new and efficient. Longtime employees have a saying that bridges in St. Petersburg have their own characters. There is a naughty bridge, although they did not specify which one. This one is described as reliable. The emergency button, used to suspend the drawing process, has never been pushed. Although minor faults still happen.

Dmitriy Rusavskiy, class-A mechanic: “Well, for instants, look at the manometer. It's supposed to have a safety mechanism, but sometimes it malfunctions. So you either have to call someone, or just stand there and hold it with your finger. That is as extreme as it gets”

When the engines start working, there's only noise and bustle in the engine room. Impossible to hold a conversation. By the way, Dmitriy insists that you have to listen to the bridge. Data sensors are important, but sometimes you can identify a malfunction only by walking into the engine room. This is professionalism, not bragging.

The ice gets broken, signifying the arrival of spring – both weather-wise and on the calendar. The Blagoveshenskiy Bridge, according to the workers, resembles a ship – it has the front and the tail. Definitely – there is some resemblance. Its construction was made in accordance with the flow – the front overlooks the Gulf of Finland, the tail – the Ladoga. And you have to look at it from the bottom up.

Ravil Kalmykov, head of the bridge crew: “The Gulf of Finland is literally a kilometer from us, and the beginning of the Neva is in 70 km. The difference in altitude between the place where we are standing and Ladoga is 100 m. The height of the Isaakievskiy Cathedral.

During the navigation season it is this bridge which is drawn first. The equipment has been checked all throughout the winter, and now the bridge is in working condition. The employees are hoping that there will be no bad news regarding the Blagoveshenskiy Bridge