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So funny, so dramatic. Today marks 100 years since Georgiy Vitsyn was born


Today, 100 years ago, Georgiy Vitsin was born. The renowned artist of the USSR has been the favorite of several generations, but not everybody knows that the actor was born here. He was born at Terioki. Today this place is called Zelenogorsk, it's part of St. Petersburg. Besides that, his first steps in cinematography Georgiy Vitsin made at “LenFilm” studio. Artem Sharipov with a report on one of the most favorite actors of the Soviet Cinematography


The mainland mark off the Zelenogorskiy park was put here 10 years ago. It's a source of a particular pride for the locals. Georgiy Vitsin was born at Terioki, Vyborg region of the Great Duchy of Finland.

Galina Smolyanskaya, director of Zelenogorsk park: “He lived here only for eight months, and then moved to Moscow”

Nina Grigoryeva, historian: “He always said that he was born somewhere in Finland. He never said it was ar Terioki, but historians found that out

Official documents claimed that he was born in Petrograd, in 1918. It seems that the mother deliberately made her son younger so he could be accepted to a school. But it's not the only mystery in the life of the famous actor. Even pronunciation of his last name – Vitsyn - was the result of a registry officer’s mistake. At the exhibition in the archive of literature and art we found out that Georgiy Mikhailovich was considered to be a good sculptor an artist, particularly prolific in caricatures. And if it wasn't for his impressive debut at “LenFilm” in “Zapasnoy Igrok” movie, his career could've gone in a different direction

His looks allowed him to play characters of different age. In that movie – “Zapasnoy Igrok” he played an 18-year-old character – but at the time he was 37. When he played Balzaminov, he was 46, while his character was only 25. He even made jokes about it that this was the marriage of a mummy

It was particularly easy for him to play a drunken Soviet man. But in real life Georgiy Vitsyn almost never drank. He was very meticulous about his health – practiced yoga, which was then forbidden in the USSR, and was a vegetarian

Georgiy Vitsyn, actor: “Even if you physically force me to drink vodka, I will probably still refuse!”

Actors who worked with him at the same set, always said that he was a reserved man. There was a team, and there was Georgiy Vitsyn

Valentina Kosobutskaya, actress: “When we had break, some went to smoke a cigarette, some went for lunch. But Georgiy Mikhailovich took his little rug, went backstage and had a rest”

Georgiy Vitsin was loyal to the profession up until his last days. He died when he was 85 years old – 16 years ago. The actor suffered a heart attack right on stage