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St. Petersburg will present Turkmenistan with the monument to Khivinskiy campaign of Peter the Great era


St. Petersburg will hand over to Turkmenistan the monument to warriors who died in the Khivinskiy campaign of 1717. The memorial which was erected in mid-19th century on the spot of a mass grave has been totally demolished. And now, marking 300 years since the day when the expedition tragically died, on the birthday of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg's sculptors designed a new monument. It is weighing around 800 kg. The memorial was funded by charity organizations. Yuriy Scherbakov with the story


Rafael Dayanov, sculptor: “If you attempt to find the location on the map, you'll be very surprised. Because if you looked at the Kyzyl-Su bay and the adjoining village, you would think that this is a totally abandoned place”

It was there - to the distant add unexplored shore of the Caspian Sea - that Peter the Great sent an expedition at the beginning of the 18 century – to offer the natives citizenship within the Russian Empire. Only few of them came back alive

The diplomatic mission of the predecessor was fulfilled 150 years later, by Alexander the II. To mark the ruthless slaughter of the missionaries, a memorial was set up at the Kyzyl-Su village. But the overall outlook of the monument lasted to our days only thanks to the locals

Rafael Dayanov, sculptor: “We've never actually seen it. There were no measurements. But interestingly enough, local residents organized a website dedicated to that monument. So we are not alone in this world. There are people who are interested in those things and value them

Civic organizations offered their help in resurrecting the memorial. They found those who created the blueprint based on photographs and notes, those who physically created the granite monument, and those who organized funding

Yuriy Scherbakov, reporter: “The 21st-century monument will completely re-create the original one of the 19 century. Even its height has been retained. It, by the way, equals Peter the Great's height – 2 m and 3 cm

The signs also remain the same. 1672 – the birthdate of Russia’s first Emperor, 1871 - the date of the monuments installation and celebration of Peter the Great's 200th birthday. And 1717 - the year when the first Russian expedition to Khivinskiy died

St. Petersburg is ready to hand over the monuments to Turkmenistan. The opening of the memorial at Kyzyl-Su is planned for June 9 this year