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The first in Russia. The sun mobile from St. Petersburg is not scary of a gloomy day


The most sunny car from not the most sunny city. St. Petersburg's company Polytech solar team is developing a vehicle which works on solar energy. The project is called SOL. On October 8th the designers are planning to exhibit their car in the international solar car race. Mariya Evsyukova knows what the further plans are


 At a first glance, it looks like a gondola. But in reality it's a future cockpit. It almost feels like it's actually a ship which is being built here, however it's sails will not run on wind, but on sunlight

Roman Filippov, student: “It's one of the gondolas. Will have two of those. The driver will be in one of those – that's the one. If your flip it around, it turns out that his head will be from down below, just like in a boat.

Just recently the young scientists finished putting together nine elements of the solar car. Now they're being dusted and ready to be covered with plastic glass. It must be exactly the same as the model. Because aerodynamics of the car and energy consumption depend on that

Alexander Kozlenok, student: “The glass will be here, and the pilot will be sitting here. This is the cockpit, steering wheel, and pedals. There's also an interesting detail on the top – the contour of solar panels, which will be covered.

Russia's first solar car is another paradox of the domestic car manufacturing. It will hit the streets in one of the gloomiest cities in the country. But this is not an obstacle for St. Petersburg’s scientists

Mariya Evsyukova, reporter: “This is a smaller copy of the Russian solar car. It's principle is very simple – the rooftop has panels, charging solar batteries, and those, in turn, power the engine. By the way, direct sunlight is unnecessary. It is getting charged even when it's not sunny. Although, twice as slow”

These 400 Green batteries will ensure the solar car would work. Just to compare - that would be enough energy to completely charge 500 smart phones. Today electricians are dealing with the so-called stuffing of the solar car. The success of the race depends on the tactics of their work

Alexey Golobokov, student: “Here we have temperature sensors. Will also have electricity, speed, and pedal pressing sensors. All that we are programming on a computer

For the first time in 30 years of international solar car races, a Russian solar car will be participating.

The route is laid from North Australia to the south of the content. It's participants will literally have to cross the entire land. That is 3021 km. By the way, the car will be driven not by professional racers, but by those who developed it. The only condition is that the weight of the driver cannot exceed 80 kg