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Icy cocktail. The “Nevskaya Zastava” icebreaker started a raid down the main water artery of St. Petersburg on Tuesday


Not bothering to wait for the natural deicing, the “Nevskaya Zastava” icebreaker ship went on raid. The vessel paves its own path, as well as preparing the river for the coming navigation season. Alexander Burenin found out why they decided against waiting for the spring


 The birds have got used to the noise of the icebreaker. They take off in the very last moment. But when you're on board, it seems very noisy. From the very first seconds ice is broken thanks to the pressure from the ship. The “Nevskaya Zastava” breaks the 80 cm thick ice with ease

Alexander Burenin, reporter: “From time to time the ice changes from obedient into very thick. It takes extreme caution to pass through difficult places. But the icebreaker steadily moves forward, leaving only the fuzzy water with grinded pieces of ice behind. It's almost like a seasonal Neva ice cocktail 

If the ice is not broken from the first attempt, the ship undertakes a special maneuver. The crew is being ironic – almost comparing it to real life, when a man cannot open the door, gets angry and knocks it out with the shoulder. Although those operating the icebreaker do it in a cold stone fashion

Vladimir Ivanov, general director “Pilarn”: “The ship stops naturally. From the thickness of ice. And then we retreat. And then we again make an attempt to break the ice”

Search raids help to avoid the pile-ups of ice. Otherwise those would have to be exploded when the navigation season opens in the spring. The ship makes a special stop next to the “Aurora”. The selfie lovers often take to the ice to take a picture. The picture in front of the battleship which could become one’s last

Carefully avoiding the ships chains, we're moving away from the “Aurora”. The ice bounces off the revolutionary symbol. Now walking onto ice here is not just dangerous, but simply impossible

At the end of the day we have kilometers of broken ice, spread all across the place. The “Zastava” is moving along the Neva river, like a speedy vehicle down the Moskovskiy prospect. But it even feels quicker - when you're on your way home that is