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Personal detective. Private security firms are celebrating professional holiday


Private security and detectives are celebrating the 25th anniversary of private security activities in Russia. The formal date is March 11. But the majority of modern day detectives are celebrating the jubilee today.


The day began with a car rally. It began from Oktyabrskiy Concert Hall and finished at Ploschad Truda. 25 cars sped through Nevskiy Prospekt, Konnogvardeiskiy boulevard and Malaya Morskaya street. Some of those were decorated with sirens and flags. Private investigators bodyguards and security guards were then greeted at the Nikolayevskiy palace. Mariya Evsyukova reports on how this profession operates today.

If you are tailing somebody, you cannot get closer than 10 m. Because in such case the PI may be compromised. Anna has been working as a private investigator for more than a year. She doesn't smoke a pipe or play a violin. But she possesses sharp wit and intuition. The hardest part of the job, she says, it's to endear people.

Anna Kotlyarova, private investigator: “It almost feels like a trap - you begin talking a lot to a person, but you have to distinguish personal feelings and the job. You can become close to a person, but at a certain moment you need to realize that you need to distance yourself away and provide information. Sometimes it's really hard to do”

Today private investigators have a romantic season. In the fall, the most in demand service is checking the integrity of marriage. Women are mostly making such inquiries. Although, there’s always room for non-standard investigations.

Evgeniy Ivchenkov, private investigator: “A man comes to me and we ask him – do you have any information on the person of interest? And then he says - that the person of interest is me! I drank a lot on Saturday. And I don't know what I was doing. Can you please find out where I went to and what did I do. I felt fine, everything ended well. And now I'm getting calls from people I don't know”

But the majority of assignments for a private investigator come from those suffering financially – from frauds or business competitors. And in such cases they use heavy artillery – the lie detector. They also use concealed recorders, light filters and GPS tracking devices. And, most certainly, the Internet. With the help of the social media, not only can you determine who a person of interest mingles with, but also the places one goes to

Mariya Evsyukova, reporter: “However, deduction, perception and an actor’s talent – that's not enough for a professional investigator. One of the main qualities of a detective is patience. Very often a person of interest has to be surveilled from a car. And sometimes in order to make a compromising photo, it would take hours and even days.

After the job is done all materials are deleted, and the detective begins a new, not less exciting case.