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Rooster is a proud bird. What can we expect from the symbol of 2017


Less than two days remain to get ready for the holiday. The unexplainable love to the oriental calendar always makes Russians find out how to dress the right way, what make up should be worn and what should be served on the table.


This year those loving horoscopes are greeting the year of the rooster. What can we expect from the symbol of the year? Our reporter Alexander Burenin went to a farm and tried to study the character of the bird.

A gobbler must believe it owns every year. You can make such conclusion by looking at how graciously the bird walks around the farm. Its owner tells us that he has almost all symbolic animals in his possession, with the exception of a monkey and a dragon, which is regrettable, and a rat, which is good news.

If you were at a grocery store then you would see chicken used for a soup or cutlets, but at a farm you can see dozens of rare breeds. The Pavlovskie walk around with an aggressive mohawk. They go back to the 18th century. There are several roosters here. Despite the common opinion, there are no conflicts here – this breed is a calm one. Roosters are phlegmatic, don't even notice one another. And it's not about upbringing, but purely about genetics.

Vyacheslav Komov, breeder of rare animals: “This starts from them being chickens. Meaning that their character is not formed by the society, but it's genetic. When let's say a car arrives, usual chickens will continue messing about in the dirt looking for worms. But the ones from New England will run to see who's come. And I think, if you develop them in the right way, they could become the most intellectual ones.

Those born on the year of the rooster are characterized as straightforward and determined people. With a fighting spirit. Chickens and roosters which take part in fights is a separate story. In the whole world, the breeds are mixed for rooster fights. Scientists believe that every breed has its own technique of fighting. Imagine this – an encounter inside the rooster ring between those from Madagascar and Indonesia. And they look each other into one's eyes- now you will know the power of my karate.

Russia has a lot of expressions about chickens. Like, chicken is not a bird. But the overall perception of these birds is mostly gastronomic, while in some countries they are worshipped. 

Alexander Burenin, reporter: “This is the Indonesian breed – Ayam Tsemani. Back where they come from, it is believed that they possess mystical powers. However, sometimes they are sacrificed to avoid bad luck. But in Russia they are taken care of, to make sure the fortune stays. By the way, when those are cooked it's a delicacy. Unique species with black meat

Rumor has it that Tibet also has pork with black meat. And that's it. By the way, speaking on the culinary aspect, what would a farmer who has been breeding animals for 20 years put on his table to celebrate the year of the rooster? Vyacheslav insists that he doesn't believe in superstitions and will not eat chicken on the day.

Vyacheslav Komov, breeder of rare animals: “I will eat Olivier salad, because I believe New Year is about this salad. Tangerines as well, but Olivier is the thing. I don't usually eat meat. Well maybe a goose. But I'm afraid we’ll cook it but won't be able to eat it

The geese are in unlucky - they don't have a year named after them. 2017 is at least not a leap year. So let's hope that in the year of the rooster all problems will fly away.