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3D-show, fireworks and dancing. St. Petersburg celebrates the arrival of 2017


Thousands of St. Petersburg's residents and guests of the city have come to Dvortsovaya Square to greet the new year in the heart of Russia's cultural capital together.


The atmosphere here is fantastic!

I am from Venezuela. It is cold here, but everything is great and I like it.

Is the best New Year's party here.

This time Dvortsovaya Square is particularly beautiful for the New Year's. A 3-D mapping show was projected onto the façade of the Headquarters, and it made for the integral part of the festivities. Just as fireworks - it seemed those would not end on the New Year's night. 3-D light spectacles have become a wonderful background for the stunning 25-meter Christmas tree. 3,5 thousand toys and more than 4 km worth of fairy lights where used for it.

It's not a surprise that many preferred party at Dvortsovaya Square to their usual house party. People talked with other regions of the country in the midst of the festivities, watched the New Year's address of the President Vladimir Putin on a huge screen and listened to the Kremlin clock striking midnight. The President’s address was followed by that of St. Petersburg’s governor Georgiy Poltavchenko.

Georgiy Poltavchenko, the governor of St. Petersburg: “Dear friends, I congratulate you with the holiday. I wish you all kindness and love, health and prosperity, well-being and happiness, peace to our beloved St. Petersburg. Happy New Year!”

Then New Year's night took the reins. Popular performers took to the stage – singer Sergey Rogozhin, “Discomafia” band and participant of the “Voice” show Egor Sesarev. But it was not only on the main square of St. Petersburg that the New Year's mood was dominant

Alexander Chuev, reporter: “Nevskiy Prospekt had seemingly even more people than Dvortsovaya Square. It's not just a festivity, but almost an open air disco. Something amazing has been happening in front of the stage. Real emotions. You can see it at once – people from St. Petersburg and from all over the country have come here to dance

The flow of people filled the main street of the city. And every 200 m there were stages with different shows for different spectators. The culmination of the festivity was the traditional fireworks. It's light shone above the nightly St. Petersburg and reflected on the happy faces of those celebrating