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Pompeii, moments before the volcano. Developers from St. Petersburg created a virtual reality


A start up company from St. Petersburg, which had previously created a virtual model of Aurora battleship, attracted foreign investors. So possibly, these developers from the northern capital will soon conquer new spaces.


The company creates full-scale reconstructions of not only modern day objects, but also re-creates the lost historical monuments in VR. Alexander Odintsov enriched his reality

So, be careful now. The ancient Roman warrior waved his spear. We are now in Pompeii, walking past the Roman forum. And we can see how volcanic bombs are flying past us.

The sight pretty scary for an eye, and you better keep your hands to yourself here. Walking through the corridor of an office building, Ilya Korguzalov traveled to 79 A.D. He now sees the last day, or maybe even the last minutes, of the city of Pompeii. And it's on demand. You push a button and virtual lava from the Vesuvius covers the city

The pixelized city has been re-created with historic accuracy. The app itself, ideally, has to work as the so-called applied reality, meaning using our usual smart phone. It is able to combine the essence of Pompeii with animated architecture. The team of developers spent several days at the ruins of the Italian city. They did so to be accurate about the scale and placed all special markers, thanks to which the temple would be located at the very same place it once stood at.

Ilya Korguzalov: “It is a quality visualization, the applied reality for smart phones of moderate price range. We were among the first to do this. We can do quality like in the avatar movie. Would you agree the quality is great? We can do it. We just need financing.

The programmers have already offered several variants of the re-created reality. The edutainment has been the most in-demand.

While you entertain yourself, you also educate yourself. An episode from the Great Patriotic War re-created with cyber means has already been tested on St. Petersburg schools. A five-minute clip about the road of life, certainly, best viewed by the broken ring memorial. There are polutorka trucks here, as well as AA-guns shooting down enemy planes. Students gave their approval, developers have already prepared the so-called cardboards. In order to travel in time, you only need this and the application.

Those are lenses. Chinese made. And a holder made of carton. You just put it together and that's it.

The project is in its early stage. History re-created in 3-D is not just attributed to fashion and high technology era, but a genuine lifesaver, for instance, for places with a rich history, which have been unjustly forgotten by tourists. Such as the Latvian town of Ludza. This place, so to speak, became a testing ground for IT specialists from the northern capital. After their visit, tourists have been able to see a Livonian Order fortress at the site of a ruin

Diana Sorina, co-founder of the company: “We re-created a castle. This expanded the number of tourists by 30%, such big was the interest to this place. Before that there were simply walls there. The fortress was once destroyed by Ivan the terrible, so we restored justice of sorts

The justice was also restored for tourists when IT specialists re-created the Petrogradskaya embankment after it lost the battleship. They returned the Aurora back to its place, although virtually. It's a good thing that cyber construction is not made of rock, according to developers’ jokes, because this time machine can be put in a pocket or a bag. 

Alexander Odintsov, reporter: “In St. Petersburg or in Novosibirsk. It doesn't matter where. The past or the present. A trip to virtual, applied reality. According to developers, everything can be re-created with a photographic accuracy. And it's quite clear that the public will like it. Considering the capabilities, one must not forget the most important thing - to take the virtual glasses off at the right time.