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Three steps to the south. Report from the construction site of new stations at Frunzenskiy radius


Residents of the southern Kupchino District will soon no longer have to use buses to reach the subway. The stations will be within walking distance from them. The southern part on the Frunzenskiy radius is close to completion. “Prospekt Slavy”, “Dunaiskiy Prospekt” and “Shushary” - three stations at the same time will help people of St. Petersburg to save time. They will be open by December 2017, not in 2018 as it had been planned before. Alexander Burenin went underground.


Strong morale is a necessary condition while building the subway. For more than 20 years construction workers have been finding ways to finish the Frunzenskiy radius. By 2018 residents of the south in part of Kupchino will be finally able to break away from the annoying way to reach the subway, which usually takes 15-20 minutes on a bus.

Alexander Burenin, reporter: “The fact that, according to the workers, if you go down from the platform at “Mezhdunarodnaya” you can walk to the "Yuzhnaya" station, also known as "Shushary", knowing the tunnels, tells a lot about how ready the Frunzenskiy segment of the line is. The distance is 6 km. Although, naturally, the whole route has special fencing which you cannot walk through - according to safety regulations.

It could not go without problems. According to the blueprint, in order to make travel time between Mezhdunarodnaya and Prospekt Slavy shorter, the tunnel had to go right under the tram lines on Bukharestskaya street. So it was done, but all efforts nearly sank into the sand, namely - a dense soil.

Ivan Kashin, head of segment: “The presence of sand in the soil. Usually stations are created inside the clay. But here we had a layer of sand, like a cement rock, up to 2 meters thick”

For now it's hard to imagine how the entrance would look like. Construction workers are walking on the floor which passengers will never see - this part will be covered by the platform, and all electrical stuffing will be hidden within this layer. That's while the platform itself will be 4 m high. There will be two exits from two sides - four escalators in total. Their frame has already been installed. They are planning to simultaneously open two exits, which is a rare occurrence for St. Petersburg subway.

While construction workers are preparing to build the platform, designers have already worked out the look of the station above ground. They built and designed the entrance. The look matches the name.

Vladimir Markov, deputy CEO on blueprinting: “One entrance will be dedicated to international heroes and it will be about the Afghan war. The second entrance was quickly re-made upon the request from the emergencies ministry and it will be dedicated to fire fighters”

By the way, trains will be arriving at the station literally shoulder to shoulder. The tunnel has two tracks. It is also a rare thing for St. Petersburg subway, and can usually be seen within a few hundred meters from a platform. But here two tracks will be next to one another for more than 3 km. In the meantime, the underground labyrinths of the subway are filled with construction gear. In two years those will be filled with the sounds of moving trains.