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The reconstruction of Tuchkov Bridge. Report


Additional financing has been allocated to open Tuchkov bridge ahead of schedule. Now specialists are working in a quick tempo - demolishing the old parts and simultaneously replacing those with the new ones. According to preliminary estimations, it can become operational ahead of schedule. The traffic will be suspended on the bridge until November 30. And then it will be regulated in accordance with the next stage of reconstruction. Maria Evsyukova with more details.


Demolishing is easier than building! It seems to be obvious. But not in this case. The deconstruction of the bridge takes a lot of time and effort with the specialist. And the further they go, the more contradictions they face. Concrete and metal here are being cut with the diamond thread.

Alexander Doktorov, deputy head of subcontractor company: “This device is a rope which cuts steel and metal parts, splits them into separate blocks so that we can uninstall them. We cut the concrete together with reinforced parts, and then use the crane to take it out.

It's easier said than done-moving and 92 ton pillar can only be done by the most powerful gear. For instance, the one which was highly acclaimed in the Soviet Union. A naval crane "Chernomorets" can easily lift up to 100 tons.

Mariya Evsyukova, reporter: “The majority of the work will take place in the non-navigation period. Construction workers will reinforce the steel and metal parts, replace six counterweights, which are used to draw the bridge. Those weigh 3 tons. By the way, the drawing mechanisms will also be replaced: hydraulics and electrics, as well as all communications.

In the 1960s construction workers had an easier job - they deconstructed metallic and wooden pillars. By the way, the first bridge on this very spot was built in the mid-18th century, and it was called Nikolskiy. In 1870 a smoldering cigarette butt caused a fire, burning down the only connection between Vasilievskiy island and Petrogradskaya Storona. This is the fifth reincarnation of the bridge. This time project managers decided to change the system of its functioning - from beams and pillars to just beams.

Alexander Doktorov, deputy head of subcontractor company: “The installation and uninstallation of the beams take place simultaneously. We remove an old beam and immediately replace it with a new one, because in such conditions of the reconstruction we cannot place sizeable gear here.

This engineering decision to remove the old and replace them with the new immediately will help construction workers to open the bridge ahead of schedule, by the end of 2017. In order to make the works even faster, the government of St. Petersburg allocated additional funds - almost 2 billion rubles.

Olga Shvayka, head of construction and reconstruction at the transport development committee of St. Petersburg: “The city supports it, gives us the needed money. They take it off the 2018 budget and put it into 2017. And object like that cost around 2.5 billion rubles, and we started the construction at the end of June this year. By today, around 300 million was financed.

After the work is completed, the bridge will be closely examined. A state commission will evaluate the object. With the most up-to-date equipment, specialists will test the integrity of the bridge. Although, 50 years ago the very same bridge was tested by tanks. Today there's no need for such test.