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The tree-headed eagle atop the Suvorov Museum looks two-headed from every angle


The sculpture of three headed eagle was returned to the tower of Suvorov museum. The crane today installed the gleaming piece of art onto its traditional place - after renovation works. An interesting detail – the three heads of the eagle can only be seen on the same level with it. From the ground it looks ordinary. Alexander Odintsov managed to see both of its reincarnations.


Alexander Odintsov, reporter: “The symbol of statehood’s return onto the dome of the memorial museum may not have become a vibrant end to the renovation of its exterior, but definitely a memorable moment. This, by the way, is the bird’s second flight onto the spot. The eagle sat atop this building back in 2004, replacing a Soviet star. And now it is again there. There is still a lot of work to be done. But today marks a milestone - both for museum workers and spectators.

It's hard to describe this high-altitude operation as a gracious flight. But there's no room for being elegant here. The 300 kg bird was slowly picked up on a seemingly weak cable. By the way, the eagle has not two, but three heads. This is a sculptor’s design. Thanks to this visual trick, the eagle looks two-headed from every angle. It firmly grasps all symbols of statehood in its claws. This is a novelty which came through renovation. The rebirth added the main thing - historic authenticity.

Nikolay Matyushkin, CEO of renovation company: “It is a novelty. There was a star here. The eagle was made in 2004 upon the 2003 blueprint. But it wasn't entirely authentic. We dismantled it. Replaced the body from a non-corrosive metal, it was put together with the brass rod.

The figure of a bird first graced the tower in November 1904. But during the revolution the eagle was displaced and destroyed. It was returned 100 years later, to mark the 275th birthday of the famous general. It could not have been any other way, it seems. The sculpture was sanctified before being mounted on the top. It's took more than 3,5 million rubles to make the bird glow with its historic brightness. The total renovation cost more than 60.

Konstantin Sukhenko, chairman of St. Petersburg’s committee on culture: “The Suvorov Museum is often called The temple of Suvorov's memory. I don't know any other form of respect for one's motherland, except careful attention to monuments and people who brought glory to it.

Sergey Makarov, chairman of KGIOP: “Where else such a wonderful three headed eagle would stand, other than atop the Suvorov museum? The museum honoring the man who showed what serving ones motherland looked like. This museum is a gift to the general”

The gift which is being scrupulously renovated. The pedestal for the eagle’s sculpture, the façade and the entrance were also repaired. Bricks resembling the original design were used during the works. According to the museum’s director, the majority of work was held on the above - and he did not mean the symbol of statehood by that. In the Soviet times, the original roof tiles were replaced with metallic sheets. Reverting back to the original design was not easy.

Vladimir Gronskiy, director of the Suvorov Museum: “The biggest complication was to re-create the historic roof tiles. The committee urged us to use the blueprints of the 1904 design. So modern day specialists had to find the right color. But, as you know, colors can change when tiles are put into furnace. So we ended up doing it more than 40 times.

The western and eastern wings of the museum are yet to be renovated. And, of course, employees of the museum hope that interiors will also be rejuvenated.