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Finishing touch. Construction workers revealed how “Elizarovskaya” would look like in December


The renovation of “Elizarovskaya” metro station has entered its final stage. In December residents of Nevskiy district will breathe a sigh of relief. Not only the exterior outlook of the subway will be changed, its waterproofing system has also been improved. And that caused serious problems. Which works have been completed, which are yet to be done - in Alexander Burenin's report.


Passengers will never see the hall of the station in such a state. The central entrance is blocked off by construction materials, however there are two additional ones which are usually covered with "no trespassing" signs. Main works have been completed, only cosmetics remain. The inclined shaft has been corrected, waterproofing improved.

The volatile and humid soil of St. Petersburg is making the process more complicated, although modern day technologies are allowing the people to control nature. Before the renovation, the station was in critical condition and was subjected to a full closure.

Alexey Michurin, head of production department at SUV “Peterburgskiy Metropoliten”: “Leaks had been intensive. Whoever came here in the fall saw that. Fixing those in nighttime was impossible. The obsolete concrete umbrellas, designed at construction, did not allow dismantling”

Escalators have also seen capital renovation. This was done in turns, so that one of those would move - going down 50 m would be OK, but at the end of the workday going 50 m up would've been a serious challenge for the workers.

Lights at escalators are a story in itself. At many stations the lamps are made artistically, but at “Elizarovskaya” those looked like simple cones. Those have been abolished. The light will shine from above, from under the inclined ceilings. The station will also have its new trademark - the design of on the ground entrance hallway. There used to be colorless windows here. Those have been uninstalled and replaced with brick walls. On those walls there will be large pictures, depicting the Nevskiy district, with industrial overtones. Although there's no word yet on what factories will be drawn.

Alexander Burenin, reporter: “During Elizarovskaya's renovation, residence of the southern part of the green line probably noticed, that it had taken them slightly less time to get into the city center. You sit down, close your eyes at Proletarskaya, and open it at Ploschad Alexandra Nevskogo. But such light route will be active until December 26, when Elizarovskaya is due to be officially opened. This will be a delight not only to local residents, but will also calm the situation down at “Lomonosovskaya” and “Ploshad Alexandra Nevskogo” stations, which were the most affected by the passenger flow. The green line will again operate under normal schedule, but there is a plan to renovate the greenest station on the green line – “Lesnaya”. But that will happen in 2017”