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The road of high hopes. The construction of the flyover at Dunaiskiy enters its final stage


The construction of flyover at Dunaiskiy prospect is nearing its end. The city has a lot of hopes for it, it's destined to solve dozens of traffic problems. It will be launched in less than a year. Alexander Zhukov found out from the construction workers what remains to be done.


Looking at the flyover which is being constructed from below, it takes you some time to realize why exactly cars driving through Dunaiskiy prospect do not pass it over Pulkovskoe Shosse without slowing down. The construction is practically finished. Protective fencing is being installed at the height of 20 m, the parts are being reinforced, and asphalt is being laid.

Konstantibn Bobkov, head of construction: “Probably, the most difficult part is the anchor roosts. The "Pylon" Company is building it for the first time, that's why we use the anchors produced elsewhere, so to speak. Every step here is being evaluated. That means we take one step, evaluate it, get an approval and only after that we are able to work further.

Such close attention is understandable. The flyover is being built over working roads, and the after completion it will be checked by specialists from all over the world - ahead of the World Cup. But it's not about the tournament only. The flyover provides more than 20 exits to different directions, a comfortable pathway to the beltway, the WSD, and, in future, to the toll road between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It cost more than 12 billion rubles, 3.5 of which were allocated from the federal budget.

Konstantibn Bobkov, head of construction: “It is a difficult construction. We had to solve many communication problems in the early stages, implement a lot of schemes of traffic organization.

Within the close proximity to the flyover, there are the trade port, Pulkovo airport, a whole string of industrial zones, malls, business centers. Six lanes have been designed to solve the future traffic load, each one is 4m wide. The speed limit is estimated to be at 80 km/h.

Alexander Zhukov, reporter: “It's less than a year before the flyover becomes operational. In May 2017 it will be opened. Some may say that construction terms in St. Petersburg are a volatile and constantly changing thing, but this road is necessary for the coming World Cup. It will not wait for it, so construction worker simply have no choice. It will be opened on time, at least that's how it looks like now.