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Drama over Neva. Report from the construction site of Sernyi Bridge


Six lanes, pedestrian sidewalk and bicycle lanes. That's how a new bridge in St. Petersburg- Sernyi - will look in 2018, just in time for the World Cup. Construction is already in full swing. Alexander Brius checked out the site


It's the construction site orchestra. Romance of the previous epoch is slowly dying on the banks of Neva. A drama! The old is being replaced by the new. The bridge is being built, and with that the Vasilievskiy Island will no longer be lonely in night. While all other bridges will be drawn, this one will stay solid.

Alexander Doktorov, deputy head of construction subcontractor: “We have a clear task - we have to build and launch this bridge before the World Cup, so that there will be a connection between Krestovskiy Island with the Central District and Vasilievskiy Island”

The bridge which would never be drawn will accommodate all the traffic flow. Ships will easily sail through under Sernyi bridge, on top of it both cars and pedestrians will be able to move back-and-forth, 24 hours a day. Such an atypical bridge had been designed a long time ago, when hosting the World Cup was only a dream. In 2009, the project was suspended, but now - as the city awaits the World Cup - it just cannot do without such bridge.

The construction is in full swing. More than 200 people work day and night. They are mounting pillars and erecting a 90-meter pylon. The first flights will appear over Neva soon.

Alexander Doktorov, deputy head of construction subcontractor: “Navigation is suspended on the river starting from October. We will construct temporary pillars in order to install flights within the pylon.

This will result in a six-lane highway. On both sides of it there will be bicycle lanes. On top of that, Sernyi Bridge is another proof that St. Petersburg is a naval city, even in its architecture. This bridge will also be with anchor roosts. But the road to free roads is rocky - the construction of the new bridge has not yet hampered the drivers. Well, only Malo-Petrovskiy was closed from the other side of Neva. It will be dismounted, and re-laid again, in order to create another two lanes. This is not affecting the traffic situation much. But residents of the island will have to bear with it.

Alexander Brius, reporter: “Uralskaya is by far not the most lively street on Vasilievskiy Island. It doesn't have a single apartment building - entirely industrial. But nonetheless, it is an important road, the quickest way from the city center to the Naval façade. And soon it will be closed.

Although, not for good, but for more than a year. Construction workers will need seven months to make the industrial street wider from one side, and just as much time for the other side. The 24 hour Sernyi Bridge will go down here. And there will be fewer lanes for cars at that time. So the construction site orchestra will be complemented by loud performances by vehicles during rush hours.