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Works at the depth of 30 meters. The Okhtinskiy sewage line is ready by a third


The Okhtinskiy sewage line will help to clear the Okhta river. It's due to be launched in 2018. That's according to the main construction worker at “Vodokanal” - Viktor Sulima. Journalists got a sneak peek at the construction site today. It's built by a third, with 8 billion rubles allocated for the major project. More than 7 km of sewage lines will be laid. Alexander Odintsov witnessed the grandiose construction.


Alexander Odintsov, reporter: “The construction of The Okhtinskiy sewage line began in June last year. It is the main hope in clearing Rivers at Krasnogvardeiskiy district. The work is expected to be completed in 2020. But right now, millimeter after millimeter, at the depth of 30 m the soil is being grilled for future pipelines. It's a work of a jeweler, nothing less. Only with much more heavy gear.

The tunnel-drilling complex moves slowly, 15m a day, yet brings closer the day when Okhta and Lubya rivers will be much cleaner. This shaft number 645A has a pipe of 1.5 m wide going down. It's not being connected from two parts, as it usually happens, but it’s being mounted in its entirety - to exclude additional works. This saves time.

Andrey Bulygin, depute head of subcontractor company: “The pipe is installed after a pressed ring. And then pushed into the ground using jacks. The tunnel-drilling complex moves ahead, clearing the soil with water.

Pipes of different calibers will go under the Krasnogvardeiskiy district. From 1.2 cm to 3 m. The soil is so peculiar, that sometimes the workers have to freeze it to pass the aquatic parts. And after that - creating the chains of tunnels. By the way, steel concrete pipes are the pride of construction workers – all made domestically, with special factory coating.

Andrey Bulygin, depute head of subcontractor company: “Plastic coating is being put inside at factories, and it prevents future chemical corrosion.

Specialists have now begun to work on the 18th shaft of 20. At certain parts they are planning to use the shield with an internal diameter of more than 3m. The Okhtinskiy sewage line will allow redirecting 43 drains straight to the Northern aeration station.

Viktor Sulima, deputy director on capital renovation and investment at “Vodokanal”: “It will help us to get rid off 11,000,000 m³ of dirty water, currently going into the Okhta River, Neva and so on. Right now 98% of drainage waters are being purified, the rest- unclean - go straight into rivers and canals.

Besides redirecting the drains, residents of the now-building districts will be included within the Okhtinskiy sewage line. The ecological situation will become so good, according to Vodokanal, that you would be able to fish in the Okhta river.