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We are building St. Petersburg. Bus equipment engineer


CCTV cameras inside buses of the Kolpinsky Company is a necessary piece of technical equipment. Every bus has eight of those. It starts recording as soon as the engine is turned on, and videos stored at a hard drive for a week. If it becomes necessary, these recorders can clarify any situation.


Oh, the bus is on its way. Here it is

I don’t believe in lucky tickets. I only believe in the things you do with your hands. That is the real fate.

CCTV cameras inside buses of the Kolpinsky Company is a necessary piece of technical equipment. Every bus has eight of those. It starts recording as soon as the engine is turned on, and videos stored at a hard drive for a week. If it becomes necessary, these recorders can clarify any situation. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department at Kolpinskiy Bus Company: “These cameras help drivers a lot. So, a passenger falls at a bus stop – we check it the footage and see that he just fell. In 2 days we get an email from this man saying that he was riding the bus, the driver made an abrupt stop, he fell and broke his arm, demanding 100 thousand ruble compensation and punishment to the driver. We see on the footage that the bus was at a stop, the passenger was seemingly drunk and fell on his own. This saves the driver”

For the gear to work properly, a daily control of its usage is needed – quick fixes or replacement. The man running these operations with the equipment at Kolpinskiy Bus Company is Evgeniy Rudnitskiy. Until recently he was a field engineer himself, today he is the head of a department, overseeing eight specialists. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “Head engineer told me that there is a malfunction of CCTV equipment, which we will now check. It’s a complicated process – the equipment is tucked away in hard-to-reach places, so that one cant simply get to it, to break or something. Such things do happen sometimes unfortunately. We check the gear with special tools, I connect an external monitor – cameras do produce a signal, but the settings are wrong”

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “Sometimes drivers call straight from the shift – tell me something doesn’t work and ask for course of actions. I explain to him what he should do at that particular moment, but mark this bus also for an additional check-up during the night. 

Hi everyone, Brigadnyi Podrayad is on stage

Out of work – it’s also about equipment, but more about a creative process. Evgeniy Rudnitskiy has been involved in taking photos of rock concerts for many years.

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “Once someone asked me to take pix of Brigadnyi Podryad band’s concert. I certainly said yes – it seemed like an interesting gig. The guys saw the pix online and they liked it, thanked me and we started to get along.



You look good!

I try!

Have a seat!

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department at Kolpinskiy Bus Company: “Literally two days ago I was taking pictures of the concert. After which I came to work with a fresh head and its much easier to work now”

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “Now I will instruct you on how bus equipment works – how to operate it, how to diagnose it in case of malfunctions and show you the course of actions with this type of equipment”

Not only he has to install the equipment and fix it, but also explain how it works. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “Progress never stands still – the equipment is constantly updating, just as software, and new tickets are introduced too. Many novelties. 

Electronic fare system, automatic informers, ticker line, GLONASS system. What is turned on and where and how one reboots the system – every driver getting behind the wheel must know all this. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “Whenever you’re reaching a stop, press the “Stop announcement” button every time”

The Kolpinskiy Bus Company welcomes you

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “If you missed a stop, you have to scroll through it on the automatic informer. You have to use it!”

The Kolpinskiy Bus Company is one of six within “Passazhiravtotrans”, carrying 14 routes. St. Petersburg all in all has 303 commercial and 390 routes. All this is the city’s most flexible transport infrastructure. Yes, a tramway or a trolleybus would be more eco-friendly, but new routes for those require serious financing – whilst the bus only needs the tarmac. 

Andrey Gorev, Professor at faculty of transportation systems at SPBGASU: “If a new residential area is built, if it has more or les decent roads – then a bus route can be made there and start servicing the population. If, lets imagine, we now replace all buses with eco-friendly means of transport, then its practically impossible – we would need tremendous financing. And its not really needed too – because a modern bus is of “Euro 5” standard. In terms of its impact on the environment its equal to a gas-operated bus. 

“Passazhiravtotrans” is the leader in bus transportation in St. Petersburg. 40% of passengers use this venture’s services. In 2015, buses operated by “Passazhiravtotrans” had 19 million passengers. 

Andrey Lyzin, CEO “Passazhiravtotrans”: “We are constantly trying to develop, constantly trying to face the market and passengers’ demands. Today, a bus is not only a mean of transportation, but a genuine gadget – uniting a lot of electronic resources in itself.

A modern bus is a crazy intertwining of cables. Three kilometers of cables, two terabyte hard drives for all the operative info which is downloaded and checked every night at the headquarters. Every vehicle has 120 micro-processors. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “The GLONASS system is a separate computer. The SEKOP system is a separate computer. CCTV system is a separate computer, another system is a separate computer. 

GLONASS, WiFi, transactions. We’ve forgotten what a draw board is or how to stamp a ticket by the door. The city bus is more than a century old, and the first route was launched in 1907 – from Alexandrovsky Garden to Baltiyskiy train station. The 1st class tickets cost the whole 9 kopeikas. Clearly, riding for free was the thing of common.

Today, skipping on a fare has become much harder. The modern pay system combined with a ticket controller in every bus makes free-riding almost impossible. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “Some people are cunning – they apply their cards to scanners incorrectly and then say “I did it correctly and money has been withdrawn”. But the controller still checks one’s card and says – you didn’t apply it and transaction didn’t take place, please do it again”. That very same passenger applies the card and transaction is good. Still trying to cheat to evade paying for rides, but much fewer now”

However, the income from the rides cannot be compared with expenses on transport maintenance. 

Andrey Lyzin, CEO “Passazhiravtotrans”: “In general, public transport cannot be evaluated in terms of profitability, because it’s more of a mission which the city must fulfill – to make transportation possible. Nevertheless, today we are totally fulfilling the quota given by the city’s administration to us”

After years of photo shoots – the personal exhibition. Evgeniy Rudnitskiy picked 30 best shots for it – pictures of rock musicians, among which are both Russian legends and world stars. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “When I was shooting the “30 seconds to Mars” concert, I did this shot on my way out of the venue. I liked it and I immediately put it on my Instagram. Came home, went to bed. Wake up in the morning and my phone is hot – people are calling me with weird “Man, you’re a star” shouts. I have no clue and trying to figure it out – it turns out things were very simple. Jared Leto found the picture using hashtags, reposted it in his Instagram account and mentioned me. 150 thousand likes and a ton of followers. Well, it sweet.

HI, how are things?

All good, checked the equipment during the night. Results

24 cars? Right, I’ll have a look later

150 thousand Instagram likes is cool, but now its 24 buses which need to be checked for equipment. But Evgeniy’s work is also about controlling transport on its routes. For passengers to not wait for a bus more than needed, every car is tracked in real-time with GLONASS system.

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “If a bus loses GLONASS connection on a route, then it goes this way – the bus arrives at the final stop, the driver reloads the GLONASS system by restarting the bus itself – turned it off, power stops, and back up again. If we see that the bus is back on the monitor, it continues on the route. IF rebooting didn’t help, we’re putting a replacement bus on the route. It has to be done so that the transport system is intact. So that the city sees our work”

And not only the route is displayed on the screen, but the important data on the equipment’s operations as well. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “An equipment engineer can understand remotely whether the gear works properly – whether all data is correct. We have a diagnostics mode on the screen and we can check on buses. If a certain reader is not working properly, that is being displayed on the screen. If there something wrong – even if the latest update wasn’t installed – he can go and check it manually”

The “PassazhirAvtoTrans” will continue introducing betterments. External equipment is being improved, new one is being tested. For instance, the payment system – so that one can pay either with cash or credit cards. 

Andrey Lyzin, CEO “Passazhiravtotrans”: “We have received very good reviews – especially on the routes where we tested new things, like the one connecting our city with our airport – “Pulkovo”

Besides that, audio excursion will also appear. With a smartphone or a tablet, one will be able to get information about a landmark on the route, within just seconds. 

Andrey Lyzin, CEO “Passazhiravtotrans”: “We think this will be a very interesting addition – as far as we know, its never been introduced anywhere. We’ll be the first to do that and, hopefully, make a small but good contribution to the development of St. Petersburg into a tourist center. 

In theory, historic references can be voiced on the bus through the automatic intercom system. But practically this is hard to implement, as there have to be messages of different kind voiced – notifications that one must hold the handrail, do not forget personal belongings on the bus and so on. On holidays, there will be words of congratulations to the citizens. And on every day, the most important thing – names of bus stops. The automated system is launched before the start of every trip by the driver. 

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department atKolpinskiy Bus Company: “He chooses the route, finds it on the list, loads it and starts driving”

The most traditional and the most comfortable on-ground transport. You cannot imagine a city without it. You’re also expecting a lucky charm here – almost every passenger gets a lucky ticket once in a lifetime. As per tradition, you have to eat it – but some just keep the ticket for luck. How one uses this luck – is up to us to decide. All of us are part of the big city. What will it be like tomorrow – its up for us to decide. We are building our city together. Every single one of us is building St. Petersburg.

Evgeniy Rudnitskiy, head of bus equipment department at Kolpinskiy Bus Company: “The most important thing for me in a bus is equipment. So that it works and people feel comfortable on the bus. Development of bus infrastructure is the most important aspect of transportation, if you ask me”