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Autopiloted “Neva” will hit the subway tracks. Reporting from the Kirovsky factory


Modernized “Neva” train was shown to “Sankt-Peterburg” TV journalists today. The joint creation of Russian and Czech engineers boasts great comfort.


The majority of parts were brought from factories all across the country. The specialists hope that soon even the bodies of those trains will be made domestically. Alexander Odintsov knows what changes will happen in train drivers’ work.

- Right now we’re fixing the smoothness of the doors – so that they don’t get stuck and move steadily.

It is here – inside the workshops of the Kirovsky factory – that the “Neva” trains will get smooth-moving doors, neon lights on the ceiling and will become operational by its specialists. Straight out of here, these innovative trains – the joint baby of Russian and Czech engineers at “Vagonmash” – will hit the tracks of St. Petersburg’s subway. Modern engines, wheels and bodies have been delivered from Europe.

Vladislav Kozak, CEO “Vagonmash”: “We have created the body made of steel. Its plating is made of alum. That makes the body lighter and even on the sides”

Before, the head cart weighed 34 tons, now it’s 29. Each cart costs around 80 million rubles. But those will pay off very soon, designers say. The lighter body version with non-synchronized engine will save a third of electricity. It is the second large order at the factory. The “Neva” had got thumbs up from the citizens in a test run, so new carts have no major alterations.

Alexander Odintsov, reporter: “However, the new model of “Neva” had some changes after all. The betterments are not seen with a naked eye, but all of those are directed at making the passenger feel more comfortable. Here, for instance, reinforced windows have been installed, while handles received a notable sharpness in form. One other novelty will be impossible to neglect once the new trains hit the tracks. The so-called primary suspension has been altered. Right now it is spring-based, so this will improve the smoothness of the ride”

The very same pneumatic suspension system will prevent passengers from having to over-shout the knocking of wheels, as well as enjoy smoother turns and stops – especially in the cases when they can’t grab the handle for some reason. Designers assure - there won’t be delays caused by sudden diagnostics or repairs. Trains will be continuously modernized. There are even plans to install an auto-pilot system.

Karel Kühnl, Consul General of the Czech Rep. in St. Petersburg: “I think this result of Czech-Russian cooperation will be good. I’m proud that the Kirovsky factory and Skoda Transportation have been working together on these trains for the St. Petersburg subway system”

Besides making trains better, the manufacturers will also solve one task – localizing the production. This portion of innovative trains already required different parts made at more than 50 factories in St. Petersburg and nationwide. In the nearest future, even the trains’ bodies will be assembled domestically.

Georgiy Semenenko, CEO “Kirovsky Factory”: “The first batch won’t be significantly localized, since we had a very tight deadline. But in the future, it will expand. Our plan is to reach 60 percent. Besides, now we know which companies will supply parts”

48 such trains will hit the tracks from “Vagonmash”. This six-cart train will depart towards the subway tunnels at the end of May; the entire batch will be shipped before July next year. It’s expected that the innovative “Neva” will be travelling on the green line.