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Subway with the Gulf view. Last pile installed for “Novokrestovskaya”


It has already been branded one of St. Petersburg’s main construction sites. The opening of “Novokrestovskaya” subway station is still some time off, but works there are held round-the-clock. It is being built not just on the bank of the Gulf of Finland, but right on the raised beach.


Specialists have installed the final pile, but now they have entered the final stage of construction – building supports for the station. Alexander Brius found out what difficulties the workers faced.

Alexander Brius, reporter: “Now, the western part of the Krestovsky island is probably the main construction site in St. Petersburg. Within a stone throw away from one another, a stadium, a high-speed highway and the biggest subway station in the city are being constructed”

The “Novokrestovskaya” – sized as two football pitches – can fit 60 thousand people at one time. The station is also not deep – lobbies, positioned one above the other, will have moving pathways, just like at “Sportivnaya-2”. There will also be elevators for passengers with reduced mobility. The top hall will have ticket offices and turnstiles. Platforms, tunnels and rails – this is the next stage, which still requires some digging to get to.

- We shall simultaneously create the station on both levels

This method is called top down – literally. The neighboring “Begovaya” and “Dunayskaya” in Kupchino are being built in the same way. This dramatically speeds up the process, says the chief construction worker at the segment Maxim Fedorov. On the ground and underground work is at full swing. The raised beach, under which the station will be located, slows down the process though.

Maxim Fedorov, head of construction segment: “Our gear sinks all the time”

Alexander Brius, reporter: “Sinks?” 

Maxim Fedorov, head of construction segment: “Yeah - falls under and sinks. We are applying additional measures, put slabs, reinforce them and only after that we start our work”

In order to avoid flooding of the “seaside” station, an “underground wall” was built. This is a concrete-made protection from water, going twice as deep as the station itself. According to Fedorov, the leak-free warranty stretches to half-a-century. Right now, most of the work above ground has been done – just a few days ago the final, 124th, pile was installed here. Those will carry the station’s ceiling, on top of which there will be a lawn, benches and street lights. A special surprise from the construction workers will also appear there.

Maxim Fedorov, head of construction segment: “It will have a glass roof. There it is over there. It will have reinforced glass in that roof – so you can walk in the park, enjoy the view of the sea and look down on the station itself”

The huge cauldron next to it is the anticipation of “Nadezhda”. The tunneling machine which will create an underground passage from Savushkina Street will arrive here in September. After renovation, it will create a tunnel to “Primorskaya” within a few months. When two new stations on the green line open, “Nadezhda” will be de-assembled and brought here. And these shots will become history. 

Maxim Fedorov, head of construction segment: “After tunneling is done, the cauldron will be leveled and decoration work will start. There will be bushes planted and pedestrian pathways created” 

Just a few years ago, this territory was concealed by the waters of the Gulf of Finland. Now its one of the biggest construction sites in St. Petersburg, the new face of the Northern Capital. Not long left – the stadium’s opening will be followed by the WSD, after which the turn of “Novokrestovskaya” will come. On January 31st 2018 it will become the final piece of the puzzle for Krestovsky Island’s World Cup participation. After which it has a strong chance of becoming the residents’ favorite station – the first overlooking the sea.