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The finish line. Concrete laid in central part of the WSD


There are less than 5 months to go before the central segment of the WSD opens. By fall, all three parts – Northern, Southern and the currently constructing Central – will form a single highway.


The WSD inspires high hopes. It will make transportation on the Vasilevskiy Island much more convenient. Alexander Brius with more details of the large-scale construction.

25 meters – that is how high workers are installing metal parts, which will become the foundation of the new highway in the summer. The finish line stretches along Neva River and connects the Northern and the Southern segments of the WSD. Residents of the city will be able to drive this road on August 31.

Sergey Opora, head of construction: “All methods of construction and installation used globally have been applied to this project”

The highway’s steel body was conceived by six Russian factories. They worked simultaneously – so that they’d make it on time for the World Cup. The WSD will allow fans to travel quicker from the airport. But anchor roosts are European-made. Up until recently, our country had no use for those – so the order was placed in France and Switzerland. There are 36 of these on the pylons currently, but when the segment becomes operational, there’ll be 120. Sergey Onopa is sure they’ll make it on time – although it takes at least 12 hands to install one.

Sergey Opora, head of construction: «This crane lifts those up. This kind of work doesn’t really require a lot of manpower. I’d say it’s more intellectual, precise and non-hasty”

Construction takes place not only above the water, but also underground. In order to kill the noise of the highway – as well as keeping the view from the nearby buildings nicer – a 9-meter deep canal is being dug along the artificial embankment of the Vasilevskiy Island. The lower level of concrete is being laid there. And the most important stage has already been passed.

Alexander Brius, reporter: “The car half-tunnel is being surrounded by steel-concrete wall, almost a meter wide. It also goes about 10 levels underground. This is how the highway is being protected from possible flooding’

Such walls are often used in St. Petersburg’s subway system – with Novokrestovskaya station being the latest addition to the list. This technology was also applied when the new stage of Mariinskiy Theatre was built. Typical light posts will appear at the WSD after concrete is laid. Decorations works will start in the summer. Experts say that after the road is launched, it will cut the number of traffic jams at Vasilevskiy in half. Many residents will chose this quicker route – although with a toll. And the city will be cleaner too.

Alexey Bnatov, CEO “North Capital Highway”: “Today we provide service to 4,5 million users a month. Up to 75 thousand cars on each segment a day, more than 140 thousand combined. The volume may increase by 30 to 100 percent, but the WSD can handle that

The exit to Makarova embankment will be opened later – at the end of fall. At first, only connection between northern and southern boroughs of St. Petersburg will be opened. Another crossing – with Kima Prospekt – will be completed in 18 months. And then, after a few months, the highway will finally become what it is supposed to be. 

Sergey Opora, head of construction: «Without doubt, this object will become another one of St. Petersburg’s trademarks”