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To Dakar we go. Engineers from St. Petersburg create a unique racing car


St. Petersburg’s engineers created a unique car. The car’s body is lighter than an adult human body, being so reliable at the same time that it’s ready for extreme conditions. It is being prepared for “Dakar-2017” rally.


Our reporter Artem Sharipov went to see the test drive

The unique project takes some time to start. The car is being somewhat naughty – after all, it’s only a month old. In a minute though the engine is revving and the car speeds down a snowy track. It seems that it’s hovering above the ground. Although, that’s the way it should be – the combined weight of doors, glass and body is 50 kilograms. In essence, this is an engine wrapped in composite materials. Glass-plastic.

Ruslan Tsarkov, engineer-technologist: “The main task was to obtain lightweight parts – and composite materials allow us to decrease weight while keeping it strengthened”

Light weight, fast speed and reliability took some time to achieve. It took a year from the inception to the first drive test. And today St. Petersburg’s G-Force Motorsport team has a solid weapon for worldwide rallies. The car can become the leader in its class.

Artem Sharipov, reporter: “This car may look rough from the outside, but its comfortable inside. It will face its first major test in three days. The team will participate in the Russian Cup, held in Kolomna. But the main task is Dakar. And we’ll have to wait for a year”

A lot of things may change in the car during that time. Works on it will continue, ruling out inconsistencies and checking new parts in the field.

Boris Gadasin, pilote, head of the team: “This is a live project. We make changes after every race. By the time the Dakar rally starts, the car will change. The concept will remain, but ergonomics will be altered”

This is the 3rd project in the team’s history. They’ve been creating own cars since 2009. And with every other one they say their cars become more reliable. However, they don’t want to stop and are already getting ready for their 4th project.