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New overtones of urban fashion. What Nevskiy’s holiday decorations will look like


In just 2 weeks, St. Petersburg will be taken over by New Year holiday spirit. In order for the city to shine bright on December 14th – and Christmas Tree would rise above the Dvortsovaya Square – specialist have to begin their work long ahead. This time, however, they decided to slightly alter the tradition of decorating Nevskiy Prospekt. Alexander Brius reports.


Dvortsovaya Square turned into a warehouse, and the only people by what will become St. Petersburg’s main Christmas Tree are workers. They are carefully handling the tree’s parts. The body has been cleaned and painted since last winter. Being laid out there in parts, it creates no festive feeling. But soon, decorated with new toys weighing a ton and fair lights of different colors, exceeding the length of Nevskiy itself, it will become the main symbol of magic.

Dmitriy Burlakov, CEO of construction contractor: “The tree will transform into something new. There are many balls of such size, but there are few more sizes – from the smallest ones at 80 millimeters to 300 millimeters.

Alexander Brius, reporter: “Any person will soon be able to see oneself in the biggest toy decorating St. Petersburg’s main Christmas Tree. This year it will also be installed ahead of traditional schedule – not on December 10, but on the 6th. There will be around 200 balls like these on it, around four thousand in total.

Aside from having an artificial tree – something that went through a citywide vote 2 years ago – Nevskiy will change its outlook. The central avenue has recently been setting trends in urban fashion.

Mariya Koryagova, head of design department at “City center for ad placement”: “For a few years, the concept was inclined towards cold lights – and that looked quite pretty. This year we made a decision to experiment”

Lights, which create the festive atmosphere, will have warm temperature. Street lamp posts will turn into golden trees. All this entourage, according to the designers, will revive the spirit of Peter the Great’s epoch. Despite that its off-season, fountains at Nevskiy will be working. Electronic cascades will appear by the Zelenyi Bridge over Moyka.

Mariya Koryagova, head of design department at “City center for ad placement”: “Such bridge, a small one, is being made for the first time. The main thing is that it will align with the avenue, creating a single ensemble”

Vitaliy Smirnov, head engineer at “LenSvet”: “Friends and relatives from Moscow have come to me here and say that a lot is being done in Moscow, but it has more money too. St. Petersburg has its own beauty, especially in how architecture is lit. New Year is special and our city is too.

Every night, hundreds of workers install festive decoration onto facades, streetlights and ropes. With a rare exception, those were used in the previous years. There will not be less Christmas trees, still 49, but there will be fewer decorated places. Although, for the first time caravellas will dock by the walls of the Hermitage and Admiralteistvo bulding on mast-posts. On December 14, those will be set to full power – just as all other symbols of the winter holidays. The central figure of which will be the shining beauty at Dvortsovaya Square.