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You don’t want to be lost without music. 25 years since Viktor Tsoy’s death


WARNING – Scenes of smoking as well as tobacco products are shown in this video! Strictly 18+ St. Petersburg is ready to mark a remembrance day of the legendary resident, founder and leader of “Kino” rock band. Viktor Tsoy died on August 15th 1990. 


He left an entire legacy of songs, most of which are known by heart among the fans. Although, some old traditions are being forgotten. Alexandra Lee recalled one of those

Askhat Kolbayev, vocalist of “Viktor” band: “When I 1st saw him, in 1987 on TV, I knew it was my thing! That I could express myself in such style.

Askhat Kolbayev, vocalist of “Viktor” band: “My music stems from his music. There are no two similar people, but there could be similar things between them. Like the shape of eyes, for instance”

Alexandra Lee, reporter: “There’s an old tradition – bringing cigarettes to the wall of Tsoy at Moscow’s Arbat Street. Any quantity – just one or a whole pack. So we decided to gather such pack – and I want to ask you to sign filters of those cigarettes and we will bring those to his grave” 

Alexey Uchitel, movie director: “We saw how it was happening. Not only work life too. We showed our materials to Viktor and I asked him how he felt about it. He nodded silently – and that’s when I knew we had a backstage pass into rock musician’s life. We’ve been pondering for a while to make a movie about Tsoy. The one about Vysotsky was popular, I think one about Tsoy will be even more so. We don’t have to connect to any date, just make it” 

Alexey Uchitel, movie director: “It’s not easy signing those cigarettes. Quite a task. Thanks for reminding everyone of such tradition”

Alexey Uchitel, movie director: “It’s incredible that we had never expected his seemingly simple songs to be so powerful, so talented. They still move us. And we still listen to them and sing them”

Andrey Tropillo, musical producer and publisher: “There is a Tsoy phenomenon, people still love him. He’s always in line with the times. How can I explain this? I can’t. Let music experts deal with this. It is a phenomenon, because he was an average musician – very weak as a rock singer, often sang with flaws. I had never witnessed a powerful concert by Tsoy. He could never sit still. If there was a pause, he would flap his arms. I leave my signature here – which is also the logo of the rock studio, which gave birth to the best rock music in the country”.

Anton Shley, vice-president of Leningrad Rock Club: “This was the dawn of rock music in Russia, in the USSR. Back then it was much needed, mostly because rock music is well known as protest music. Because if Viktor Tsoy was born today, it’s not guaranteed that he would have been that successful”