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«Pure music». Oleg Karavaychuk to perform at BDT’s second stage on July 21st


«Pure music» can be heard at the BDT’s second stage on July 21st. The legendary and largely extravagant composer Oleg Karavaychuk will perform the concert.


The maestro hasnt oftenly treated us to public performances over the last few years. This time he even cancelled a press-conference. Alexandra Lee, however, did manage to talk with the famous musician at his rather unusual rehearsal session.

Alexandra Lee, reporter:  «Oleg Karavaychuk is a living legend. His concerts are a rare occasion and are always big deal for the city. On July 21st, here - at the second stage of the BDT - he will perform his concert «Pure music». It is beliebed that the theatre itself - visited by the composer after the restoraion was finished - came up with this name. Today we have a rare opportunity to witness the rehearsal».

The ever-present attribute - the pillow cover, which he puts on his head. Not for the sake of extravaganza, but to disconnect from the outside world. Only on video for now. 

The all-so-familiar hat, knitted blazers and jacket which he is continously jerking. The 1st appearance in front of the TV cameras in the last few years, and a clear absence of willingness to talk to the press.

By the way, unlike journalists, modern composers and even Dostoevsky, he loves Wagner. And he would not entrust any conductor with his own composition.

Oleg Karavaychuk, composer: «Between us, if Karayan was doing everything with such rhythm, he would have destroyed any composition. But Wagner is a miracle!»

When talking about music and the greatest composers, which Karavaychuk believes to be among, he’s not too keen anymore to escape cameras and microphones.  

The famous composer, who authored music to dozens of Soviet movies, one of which was the well-known movie «Short meetings» with Vladimir Vysotskiy, is almost always a scandal.

When he was young, he presented his own composition as Bach’s music to professors of the Leningrad Music School. He’s not willing to make compromises - shown by his abrupt refusal to author music for the «Bedbug» ballet, which he eventually agreed to write.

His performances are almost always about improvisation. No music sheets. He once admitted in an interview - «they mustn’t allow me anywhere. Nobody will learn anything and i will destroy them with my music sheets». You cant prepare an improvisation, but this is the way this rehearsal is being held. 

He plays vintage pianos at the Hermitage, have recently performed at Madrid’s Prado museum. Very impressed, by the way, with Boskh. And now - the theatre at Kamennyi Island. When the music goes silent he looks as if he wants to become invisible. At least for the TV cameras.  

- How do you like the premises?

- You see, it was comfortable to stand here. It means..this is Barocco. Like a huge toy. But BDT is a serious venue. An anti-temple».

Karavaychuk tied his life to BDT long before this concert - in 1973 he authored music for Sergey Yurskiy’s «Moliere» play, in 2009 - for Andrey Moguchiy’s «Izotov», before the latter became the BDT’s artistic director. This is life - with these short, but long-awaited meetings.