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Maneuvers against the political winds. Delegations at Military and Navy show were given a performance by the «Strizhy» and «Russkiye Vityazi» flight crews


Today marks the most exciting day in the schedule of the 7th Military and Navy show. The skies above St. Petersburg were taken by «Strizhy» and «Russkiye Vityazi» flight squadrons. They showed top flight performance. Despite that the show opened yesterday, official events were held today.


It is about a lot of things - ship-building, weaponry, navigation, naval aviation, new technologies and even secret developments. Alexander Burenin with the details

Alexander Burenin, reporter: «For more than half-hour, the work of the show was stopped. There was no space left on the embankment - so many people flocked to watch the performance by «Strizhy» and «Russkiye Vityazi». Guests, participants and officials watching those incredible tricks with their breath held»

Things that the pilots do in mid-air look incredible even from the ground. During their flight, it seems that the distance between the fighter jets is less than a dime. Then they abruptly separate and fly towards the spectators. Some even duck - but this is an illusion, altitude is still very considerable. Then they fly away to make a turn. It seems close, but in reality this happens by the Lisiy Nos.  

The fighter jets as if scared the clouds away with the roar of their engines. It looked as if it was about to rain in the morning during the opening ceremony at the Vasilievskiy Island. But nothing - neither the weather nor political turmoil - would have prevented the Naval Military show from opening.

Dmitriy Rogozin, vice-prime-minister of the Russian Government: «The Navy is a good way to show one’s might and the state’s love for peace. Russia wants to display its might, its growing defense potential and the willingness to build ties with all other countries through peace and mutual respect»

Next year the show may move from Lenexpo to Kronschtadt, but it will definitely stay within the Northern Capital’s borders. For the country’s ship-building industry, St. Petersburg has always been a highly important city - in any political environment

Georgiy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg: «We have 80% of scientific and project potential of the country’s naval industry. Different factories and design bureaus are proving their worth. There are more than 50 thousand people in the industry here»

The submarine designed in St. Petersburg will be tomorrow sent to Crimea. The «Staryi Oskol» will be docked in Sevastopol. Today the delegation from the southern republic had a look at the «Black Hole». This name was given to the boat in the West - because it’s almost undetectable by radars. Crimea’s leader Sergey Aksenov seemed happy with what he saw. Here, in St. Petersburg, in front of the bay he felt like he had not left his home.

Sergey Aksenov, head of Crimea: «Black Sea is a different climate, but, of course, there are similarities. The sea produces an aura. And today it’s the fleet’s home. We are proud of our country and are happy to be back»

Following the officials, ordinary guests had a chance to take a peek at the new submarine. A line of those willing to take pictures stretched along the entire embankment.

Participants of the forum returned into their pavilions. For them the Military Naval show is a lot of work. Despite the sanctions, 40 delegations from 27 countries have come to St. Petersburg. They’re expected at home with signed deals.