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What St. Petersburg smells like. Perfumers presented the fragrances of the Northern Capital


From now on, not only tourists will be able to take striped shirts, fur hats and matryoshka dolls out of St. Petersburg, but its smells too. And if Saratov – according to local residents – smells like sewer, then what are the flavors of our city? Alexandra Lee knows


Alexandra Lee, reporter: “If asked – what does St. Petersburg smell like – any tourist would immediately reply that it smells like Neva, wet cobblestones after a rain and the ever-changing weather. It is believed that a human nose can identify thousands of aromas and combinations. For instance, the Petropavlovskaya Fortress, the fragrance of which has been created by St. Petersburg’s perfumers, has tens of such combinations. Now tourists can take a part of the city with them”.

If the idea sits well with tourists, these will hit mass production. The price is as symbolic as the names – not more than that of a postcard.

The author of the fragrance called “The stately flow of Neva” Oksana Chernyshova definitely knows what it smells like. It took her days of hard and non-poetic work to create the “Petropavlovskaya Fortress” fragrance – dominated by scents of wood. Both in its formula, and its filling.

By the way, the “Necropolis” became the most ingredient-rich – it has 20 components. The “Tsarskoye Selo” has only 8.

Oksana Chernyshova, president of Perfurmers’ Guild: «Aromas have a quality - they bring us back some memories. And that moment when i was sitting in Alexandro-Nevskaya Lavra, i thought - why not create this smell, as its not available during a winter. So i managed to reproduce the smell of Necropolis, which i love»

For now the perfurmer’s collection has about ten recognizable smells of St. Petersburg. She has orders for «Golden Ring», «Nizhniy Novgorod», «Vladivostok». St. Petersburg already has a popular fragrance - not with a geographical name, however, but with a musical one. That is «Tschaikovsky| perfume, authored by the same woman, created for Elena Badmayeva’s fashion show marking the composer’s birthday. Vials were given to everyone. The designer, who actually collects symbols of the city too, thinks its a good idea to launch the aromas.

Elena Badmayeva, designer: «Its an incredible, out of this world idea - to create the ‘Tschaikovsky» perfume. When this idea was first voiced, we thought it’d be unrealistic. Now we will live with this new expereience and understand how it can be of use in the future. Because its a brand new chapter in looking for the myth of St. Petersburg»

Chernyshova has a separate smell - that of the homeless. And she’s sure tourists wont like it. She wants to add to her collection «Aromatic St. Petersburg» - starting with several scents of rain. Good thing she wont have to go far for inspiration