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The confederation of dreams. The Sankt-Peterburg TV’s reporter elected as president of an imaginary country


The Elagin island was occupied by those who love to sleep. Wearing pyjamas, bath robes and kigurumi - its a carnival garment - they embarked on a snoozy march from «Krestovskiy Ostrov» subway station into the park.


For a short period of time, they pretended to be asleep - and then threw dry paint at presidential candidates of the so-called Confederation of Dreams. Even those participating in the event sometimes fail to understand its essence. But our correspondent Alexander Brius did even manage to run for president for the first time in his life.

Alexander Brius, reporter: «The Elagin island has turned into the kingdom of sleep. The King of the one-day country has decided to doze off - alongside his subordinates - even before reaching his land».

Having gathered strength, the small unit - dressed as Pokemons, skulls and unicorns - set camp at the nearest lawn. Just as the Constitutuion of the Confederation of Dreams says, those sleep-lovers immideately went horizontal.

- Sleeping is as cool as eating, only its free. 

- When i had flu, i slept for almost three days. 

- Several days ago i slept from 5pm until the next day, when i had to go to work.

Working is almost banned in the imaginary country. In the breaks between sleep, you can play, sing, draw. In a nutshell, the land of jolly do-nothings. Even the official uniform of this annual gathering - pyjamas, night cap and slippers - was not on everyone, as if they were too lazy to put it on.

Anatoliy Koptev, organizer of the Sleep Parade: «Even if they sleep like this, it is also fabolous. The main thing is that its vibrant and positive»

Just like the main event of the night - elections of the new King, or, as organizers say, the president of the imaginary country. Any person could compete. 

Alexander Brius, reporter: «I guess its the only election of a King, where your face is being painted. Although, its dry paint, so i hope it will be washed off easily.»

The most vivid ones continued to compete for the title. Few more tests - address to the nation, declaration of platform. All like in the real politics. Only three volunteers of 10 reached the final.

Alexander Brius, reporter: «This is the last round of the election. Thats when people have to hug the candidate they liked the most» 

In a fair contest, covered by the media, your humble servant achieved victory. Although immediately handed the title over to the more deserving candidate - thats after suggesting an anthem for the Kingdom of Dreams.