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The book fair-2015 may become the most attended in the event’s history


The 10th international book fair is taking place in St. Petersburg. The main event of the day – the “Bookworm” award ceremony. Among its laureates is St. Petersburg resident Oleg Yakhnin – artist and event organizer. This fair is looking to break the popularity record. Organizers have already estimated 45 thousand visitors, which may increase to a 100 thousand by the end of the day. Today a delegation from Armenia, headed by Erevan’s mayor, visited the fair. Tatyana Bazhenova went to the cultural heart of the culture capital.


An agreement between St. Petersburg and Crimea opens the 2nd day of the international book fair. It’s a historic occasion. The delegation from the South did not come to the Northern Capital empty-handed. Bookshelves now contain books about the region, atlases and maps. As well as unique books. Not every book lover can afford the compilation album of articles about the peninsula’s nature, cinematography, art and literature – it costs 5.5 thousand rubles. But its authors are sure – there will definitely be buyers among residents of St. Petersburg.

Dmitriy Losev, editor-in-chief of “Koktebel” publishing house: “If Muscovites want more general info about Crimea, here its more about details. Like – do you have anything on the history of Feodosiya or about Chekhov’s museum? And what about Voloshin’s museum in Koktebel? These people were interested in us even back in our Ukrainian days”

People of St. Petersburg were actively buying books from the “Writers about war, writers on the war” series even before the fair, in spring. The collection has been released to mark the anniversary of the Great Victory. This is one of the key subjects of the book fair. Today, its authors – who published up to 17 thousand pieces per book – discussed the war literature.

Boris Podoprigora, writer, author of “Remember us alive” book: “The author who pays attention only to the glossy side is a poor one. I don’t understand those who want to be extremely naturalistic to expose the horrors of war. The truth is about showing both sides”

The older generation gives a word to the younger one. Winners of the drawing competition are being awarded at the kids room. The topic of the sincere art is Victory Day. The young readers, it seems, are busier than everyone else – infants are mastering literature in their own may at the pavilion’s most vibrant part. They were taught to print engravings in an adjoining room. But creating a book text on a heavy machine of early 19th century – that’s something only adults are entrusted with.

Tatyana Bazhenova, reporter: “The process is not easy at all – after spraying paint on letters, you have to firmly press a sheet of paper and turn handles, which barely budge. After all this hard work, we only have one page. In our case – a chapter of “Bronze horseman”.

The disappointment of the fair – Gerard Depardieu hasn’t come. The French actor, now a writer and a Russian too, opted to send his co-author Elena Jolie. Together they wrote a book “Russian cuisine under French sauce”. Depardieu tried national dishes and gave advice, with borscht topping his ratings. Discussions, presentations and meetings will continue through the weekend – the fair is only halfway done.