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Frosty canvasses. St. Petersburg painters and designers decorate mini-fridges


It’s not vandalism, but a creative approach. Professional painters, graffiti artists, tattoo artists and designers have painted mini-fridges. The previously clean canvasses – if you can apply this word to freezers – have now become objects of modern art. Alexander Odintsov witnessed the outcomes


A trendy nightclub turns into a workshop, a fridge turns into a canvass. Twelve painters – keeping in line with traditions of modern art – are ready to create anywhere and on any surface. No limits on styles, techniques and materials. Only one condition – the work must be completed within 12 hours. This proved to be more than enough.

Calligrapher Arseniy is better known in the street-art culture as Pokras Lampas. He literally painted his own fridge. Real expressions – mostly in English - lay in the background of scrupulously-drawn images. But he recommends looking at a wider picture rather than looking for standalone letters or words.

Pokras Lampas, Calligrapher: “There have been many styles and techniques used here. All in one work. I can use something from gothic, something from Arabic writing and Latin”

To create a masterpiece on a primitive home appliance one must use spray cans, acryl, tape and vinyl. Artists do work under the same banner of modern art, but the number of techniques equals the number of people.

Sergey Ovseykin, project curator: “There are classic graffiti artists, who do their stuff in the streets. There are tattoo artists. There are graphic designers. We have all different types of people here”

There are elements of constructivism, echoes of vanguard art and even pictures of pregnant wives on those fridges. There are no doubts these will eventually become works of art, but some try to underline this in the most blatant fashion.

Vyacheslav Radionov, illustrator: “The frame adds effect here. It shows what must be here. That there’s a creation inside. Whatever you put in there – its art”

The 1st such event took place in Britain, but the success it had propelled it to other countries. Last year the fridge painting sessions reached Moscow, now its St. Petersburg’s turn.

Alexander Odintsov, reporter: “Those fridges will not remain solely as works of art. They will also bring real use along with aesthetic one. But for now these are on display and will later be moved back to do their primary job – cool drinks”