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Monument to heroics. The “Lenexpo” pavilion hosts panorama of the Battle for Berlin


A panorama describing the Battle for Berlin has opened at the “Lenexpo” titled “the heroics of flag-bearers”. Authors in the slightest details have recreated the atmosphere of the city during the last days of the war. Particular attention was paid to the key moment – capture of the Reichstag. The replica of the building’s façade was made in a 1:1 ratio.


Writings on the walls and holes from shells were performed with a photographic accuracy – so that visitors could fully submerge into the atmosphere of those days. Dmitriy Runkov was among the 1st to witness it.

He writes a new line on the wall of the Reichstag. Just like his father 70 years ago. Nikolay Sorokin is the son of Semyon Sorokin, commander of intel unit whose soldiers were among the 1st to raise the banner over the captured German parliament. Wearing his father’s worn down leather jacket, preserved since 1945, he witnesses the heroic deeds of Lt. Sorokin with his own eyes – for the first time. Having come to the sculpture of his father – made with a pinpoint accuracy – he cannot hide his excitement.

Nikolay Sorokin, son of Semyon Sorokin: “They wanted to raise it above the dome, but the entire Reichstag burned down”

The 3D panorama “The Battle for Berlin – the heroics of flag-bearers” is an entwinement of different stories and times in one space. The path to Reichstag begins in the destructed buildings of the German capital. A narrow path through wounded soldiers and exploded cars, accompanied by gunfire and sounds of bombers in the air, leads towards the long-sought moment of Victory.

Dmitriy Runkov, reporter: “To completely experience the atmosphere of the Battle for Berlin, you not only can, but you have to touch the items. The soil riddled by shells, bullet casings everywhere. You can literally touch the atmosphere of those horrible times. Having walked a few steps, you find yourself in the very moment when the Soviet troops are assaulting the Reichstag, on the stairs of the fallen building. Columns of which still have the victorious signs”

The Victory banner itself had not yet become the symbol of heroics on this panorama. The self-made red banner is kept by a soldier close to the heart during an attack – as the most valuable thing. 70 years ago Nikolay Belyaev wore the same shirt during the assault. Today, wearing a parade uniform with dozens of medals – he is the last living veteran in St. Petersburg who took part in the capture of the Reichstag

Nikolay Belyaev, participated in the capture of the Reichstag: “It reminded me not only of the debris, but about my comrades who died while capturing the Reichstag. Its not as if we just came there and put the flag above it. We fought for every room”

Veterans were followed through the recreated 1945 Berlin by the city’s authorities. The governor was shown how the project was created. Essentially it is a 3D photograph. Details and items were put onto it from hundreds of yellow-turned snapshots. But accuracy in displaying bullet shots on the walls of the Reichstag was observed in the slightest details. The building itself was resurrected from scratch – without blueprints or sketches.

Dmitriy Poshtarenko, author of the panorama: “We went to Berlin, measured all sizes with the measuring tape. Then applied the hits. There will be more signs”

The governor left his signature on the walls of the St. Petersburg’s Reichstag. Together with other top officials, he thanked the veterans for the Victory. He noted that such projects help us value the heroics and the difficulty of their deeds, which must not be forgotten.

Georgiy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg: “The farther we go in history from those days, the more of those willing to undermine your heroism we have”

For the next 2 months, the recreated Reichstag will become the genuine time machine. Grandchildren of heroes will be able to make a real-size photo on its steps. Like relieving that moment of great Victory – in High Definition.