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Alexandrovskiy Park may turn into a multi-functional cultural cluster


The “Lenfilm” studio is preparing new films and projects. The famous film studio, windows of which overlook the Alexandrovskiy Park, suggests turning it into a cultural cluster. The green territory and other adjacent zones will be put together and unified in their outlook.


The main idea of the new project is developing infrastructure – expand the pedestrian zone, allocate grounds for city events, build more recreation zones. The management of “Lenfilm” has submitted its proposals to the governor. The city’s head liked the ideas of the “dream factory”. According to the blueprints, even rough estimates suggest that the park’s attendance will increase and by summer it will have just as many tourists as, let’s say, the Hermitage

Valeriy Karpov, deputy CEO of “Lenfilm” studio: “Our task is to improve the park’s attractiveness. From the attendance point of view, from the pedestrian flow point of view, from the residents’ and guests’ interest to this place point of view”

The studio is involved in its primary duties even during the holidays. “Lenfilm” is gearing up for releasing at least three movies. Part of those will be filmed at the famous 5th pavilion of the studio. While the whole country is on a holiday, Sergey Snezhkin prepares decorations for several scenes of the upcoming historic detective story “The Contribution”. Stellar actors have been lined up. According to the director, the film will have everything – honor and treachery, love and stolen values, confrontation of whites and reds – and the main character, security officer, will have to sort it all out in no time.

Almost a thousand square meters of the pavilion have been allocated for the filming needs. Infrastructure had been set up here during the holidays – in just one day. The pavilion, built at the beginning of the 20th century based on Berlin’s marketplace for trade, was handed over to “SovKino” in the 1930’s, reshaped as a bomb shelter during the war, was a stage for commercial clips filming in the 1990s and a furniture warehouse. And now, finally, the building has been restored and handed over to movie directors.