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Air gates to the major city. The “Pulkovo-1” terminal is ready to receive passengers


“Pulkovo-1” is back in line. The airport building was re-opened today after major renovations which lasted for 11 months.


All equipment has been replaced, the building has been strengthened, boarding bridges have been attached. The terminal will service those flying domestically. Dmitriy Runkov witnessed the opening ceremony.

The push of this button signifies the end of a reboot for the historic terminal. Governor of St. Petersburg Georgiy Poltavchenko and the transportation minister Maxim Sokolov were the first to walk a passenger’s route down the renewed “Pulkovo-1” terminal. This building is now part of a major hub, which will be able to receive 17 million passengers a year.

Georgiy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg: “With this terminal being put to action, our airport becomes the largest in Northern Europe. This is a descent air gate for the Norhern Capital – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Actually, THE most beautiful city in the world, if you ask me – St. Petersburg”.

Only VIP-guests and journalists were able to test the highly comfortable airport today. The glamor of garments and deliciousness of treats, including the banned jamon, definitely underline a thought – the crisis is not as scary as some believe it to be.

Maxim Sokolov, transport minister of the Russian Federation: “This project began in a difficult time. The deal was signed in 2009, amid the crisis. But now we can see the result of a well-coordinated work”.

The territory of the old terminal has been expanded by more than 40% thanks to the reconstruction works. But looking from the outside – its still the same “5 cups” of the Leningrad airport. The only difference is the glass bridge between the new and the old terminals. Passengers will get into the historic building having passed security check in the new one.

Evgeniy Ilyin, CEO of “Vozdyshnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy”: “The passenger flow within Russia has increased by 20 percent compared to January last year, so we simply had to move them from a temporary buffer to this spacious new terminal”

The old Pulkovo will only operate domestic flights. After new buildings become operational – the entire reconstruction will last until 2040 – the Northern Capital hub will receive even more passengers. In 3 years, Pulkovo will become one of transit hubs for fans traveling to the World Cup-2018.

Dmitriy Runkov, reporter: “The terminal will be fully operational starting tomorrow. Almost a year since it was closed for renovations, passengers will come here again. Its symbolic that Pulkovo-1 will start its new life with flights to Moscow and Crimea’s Simferopol”