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3D-show and fireworks at the Dvortsovaya square: how St. Petersburg celebrated 2015


New Year’s celebrations in St. Petersburg were organised at three different locations. One was near «Gostinyi dvor» subway station, the other was on Malaya Konyushennaya street.


But main festivities took place at the Dvortsovaya square. Several thousand people came here to say goodbye to year 2014 and greet the New Year 2015.

Even historic buildings, which haven’t changed their appearance for a couple of centuries, were dressed up for the most important night of the year. During the whole show, projections made in 3D-mapping technique were shown on the walls of the Headquarters building. Guests were told about how New Year is celebrated in different countries.

But first ... Guests gathered at the city’s main square long before the clock struck midnight. Celebrate the New Year at the Dvortsovaya square was a dream come true for many of them.

Tatyana Yastrebova, tourist from Krasnodar: «Decorations are simply marvelous. I’m so excited! Everything is awesome. This is fairytale! St. Petersburg, I love you!».

For some of those who came to the show, the last 365 days were tough, for some it was their milestone year. Different things come to mind during the last minutes of the year, but it’s better to focus on something positive. And not necessarily personal.

The Olympics were awesome!

Cheerful noise went down just minutes before the clock striked midnight. Russian president’s and St. Petersburg governor’s speeches started the new 2015 year.

Young and old, romantics and even scepticists focused on something very personal while the Kremlin chimes struck. But it turns out that guests don’t expect much from the coming year. Everything that disappointed them at the dusk of 2014 has faded away.

Currency rates and all, we don’t need that. Let there be peace on Earh. And let everybody be healthy.

Authentic christmas mood was created by the weather, too. Snow fell the day before. But on that night, thick fog covered the city. However, even the smog couldn’t ruin celebration plans, and everyone in the very heart of the Northern Capital could see festive fireworks through it.

Festivities all over the city were finished by 4 a.m. But even after that streets in central St. Petersburg were crowded. There was no need to rush, because bridges were not drawn, and the subway made a new year’s present to the citizens - unlike last year - it was working round the clock.