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St. Petersburg designers release a collection of patriotic Valenki


Patriotism will keep you warm during cold days. One of St. Petersburg’s shoe factories has got down to making good old Valenki shoes using new technologies. But the main thing here is how those are decorated – with national symbolic. The collection has already found fans in Russian fashionistas and even businessmen from abroad. Nikolay Rastvortsev tried on the new models.


Nikolay Rastvortsev, reporter: “The new model of Valenki immediately catches the eye. The traditional Russian winter shoes now carry Russian symbols. The national flag and the herald – as a sign of particular love for the homeland”

That’s the only difference from a classic pair of Valenki. Well, maybe also that the factory has been doing unconventional things for a few years. The soviet standard meant the use of raw wool – making those shoes very stiff

Zoya Sharapova, technologist: “We use semi-thin wool for our Valenki. It is quite warm and soft to touch. But warming qualities aside, our feet will be warmed also by symbols of our beloved country”

Every pair takes about a kilogram of wool. The daily production plan – 150 pairs. There used to be more, but winters have been warm lately – complains picker Nina Platonova. She has worked here for 52 years. And can’t recall if there has ever been a collection as patriotic as this one.

Nina Platonova, picker: “I wear regular Valenki, but will soon replace them with the ones bearing the flag. What do I like about it? Those are pretty – and everybody will be looking at them”

If snow and frost again evade the North-West, then the produce will be sent to the Far East and Siberia. Although, there are orders from Europe too – for instance, last year 1000 pairs were purchased by businessmen from Courchevel. Maybe the new collection will even more underline the Russian character of these shoes.

Natalya Timofeeva, seamstress: “Its pretty, of course. Our flag looks very beautiful”

The patriotic collection will be followed by high-heeled Valenki. That’s the way to attract young fashionistas.