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A serious argument – the “Admiral Kasatonov” frigate was floated off at the Northern Dockyard


The “Admiral Kasatonov” serial frigate was floated off at the Northern Dockyard today. This is the new generation ship, which was built using the modern “Stealth” technology. It is suited for operations in distant naval zones. The frigate is named after citizen of Leningrad, Hero of the Soviet Union, exemplary naval leader Vladimir Kasatonov. Nikolay Rastovrtsev witnessed the ceremony.


Nikolay Rastvortsev, reporter: “Improved stealth, durability and navigation stats – here are the main features of this new warship. Modern weaponry and considerable potential for modernization allows specialists to say – this frigate has no equals”

Sixteen anti-naval or winged missiles, a missile complex, 130-mm artillery guns and a hangar for a military helicopter – these are the main arguments for a potential enemy.

Georgiy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg: “The things that you’re doing today are in high demand and they will always be. The country will thank you many times for this”

The ship will bear the name of Navy Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov. Today, his son was present at the floating-off ceremony. He underlined, that a frigate with such name is capable of performing any tasks in any part of the world ocean.

Igor Kasatonov, admiral: “I would like to wish it successful docking in the North, at the 5th and 6th harbor. In Sevastopol – at 12th and 14th harbors. In the Far East – at the 33rd harbor. Good sail to the ship, calm seas and good luck to everyone!”

By the way, the first serial frigate will continue the admiral series. It was begun with the main ship of project 22350 – it is also named after the famous naval commander Sergey Gorshkov. The two were actually good friends. Its symbolic that the two frigates built in St. Petersburg will serve together – as part of the Northern Fleet.