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Petrol-free refill: two recharge stations for electric cars have opened in St. Petersburg


A novelty for car owners has appeared in St. Petersburg. We’re talking of the first recharge stations for electric cars.


Two have been opened at once – at the Pulkovo airport and in the city center. There are plans to open 16 more of those. That’s according to the governor, who attended the opening.

Our reporter Alexander Odintsov recharged a car.

Even without a drop of petrol in their tank, these cars can go for miles. They have two hearts – one feeds on fuel, the other on electricity – which will ensure it can go a long way without pit stops. These hybrid engines have a limit of up to 900 kilometers. And specialists are brushing off all suggestions by skeptics than eco-cars are slow – you can speed on those too.

Leonid Pavlov, car shop worker: “The car is very fast, it can reach 100 km/h in 7 seconds. That’s because electric engines are located on both the rear and the front axis”

An this eco sport car can go to a hundred in 4.4 seconds. This car is hard to get. There are only 10 in Moscow and St. Petersburg combined. And its not cheap too – almost 9 million rubles.

Andrey Faberge, auto expert: “This car can recharge while it breaks, at a rapid movement. Meaning you can always recharge it”

Trend for ecologic transportation is becoming a necessity. It has been picked up by economy cars and fancy ones too. Hybrid engines are more expensive than the fuel ones by at least a quarter.

This can be rightly called the most ecologic car run. From the Pobedy Square, the motorcade of electric cars went to a recharging station. Today it was opened by governor Georgiy Poltavchenko. The fight to clear the city’s lungs has been long-standing. This step is like a breath of fresh air for the atmosphere. 

Georgiy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg: “In such big cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg, from 60 to 70 percent of pollution is caused by car fumes. This has been a globally proven tactic – to develop electric transport to solve these problems”

The recharge station looks like an ordinary gas station. Only it is a lot cheaper – equipping it cost roughly 300 thousand rubles. The recharge wont be quick, but it will obviously save money for car owners and entrepreneurs. 

Andrey Sorochinskiy, CEO “Lenenergo”: “This definitely is a new technological feat – full charge within 3 hours. It will be free at first. Later day tariffs will be set at 150 rubles, night ones at 100 rubles”

For now, hybrids are regarded as a toy for the rich – who usually have a fuel-powered cars too. Although, several online sources say that Russia is now buying more electric cars than some European countries, which have state support for such kind of transport.

Alexander Odintsov, reporter: “There’s only 2 such stations in St. Petersburg. One is at Pulkovo airport, the other one is at the parking lot of a major mall on Ligovskiy Prospekt. Car sellers understand that eco cars are not so popular with the citizens yet, but are still putting more and more hybrid engine cars for sale. The situation may change soon, because the number of such stations is expected to double in 2015”