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Neuro-interface from St. Petersburg’s scientists or how make things happen with the force of a thought


Turning a kettle one with a thought. Such task is do-able now for everyone. St. Petersburg’s scientists created a device which can use electric impulses of a brain to perform different tasks.


And not only that. The principle which operates the device can help treating people with illnesses. Nikolay Rastvortsev visited the laboratory.

Nikolay Rastvortsev, reporter: “The invention of St. Petersburg’s scientists looks like a samovar. But you can’t just pour tea from it. The tap opens with the force of thought – and its not science fiction”

Vitaliy Zubchenko, head of project: “We’re putting a special “brain-computer” on your head; two electrodes are registering your brain activity and with it we will be able to see whether you can pour yourself some tea”

The principle is simple. Due to concentration of thoughts, electric activity of a brain intensifies – on a narrow frequency. The signal is then transmitted onto the samovar. By the way, scientists chose water not by an accident – this is the most visible form. Numbers on the board display brain activity. As soon as it hits 54, water starts pouring from the tap

To make it happen with a thought is not an easy thing, not everyone can do it. Primarily because people are skeptic of this new method. Adults – unlike children – doubt that a man can pour oneself a cup of tea without using one’s hands. And fail to do it eventually.

Vitaliy Zubchenko, head of project: “Kids have the best connection. The fewer obstacles, the clearer the mind, the easier it is for a person to perceive and be open to new things”

The invention of the Polytechnic University is not only for fun. The usage of this neuro device – even in a playful way – can help those recovering from a stroke. Increased brain activity resuscitates blood flows. This technology can be used in other medical spheres too

Nikolay Rastvortsev, reporter: “This prosthesis is made at “Fablab” on a 3D-printer. The prototype of an arm which already has an order for it. It is made for a 14-year-old girl, who will be one of the first in the world to control the hand with her thoughts – through a mobile device”