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Home conditions for wild animals: the animal care center “Veles” needs food, medication and volunteers


The center for wild animals and birds rehabilitation “Veles” needs help. It is here that stray moose cubs, wolves saved from fires, dumped crocodiles and runaway bears are being brought to. Spectators are not being allowed into “Veles” – only those who can help. How one can do it – in Kseniya Eremenko’s report.


Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “Hi there, we have a little gift for you – it might help”.

Our modest humanitarian aid – is like a drop in the ocean. In order to cure and feed all those feathered, tailed and toothy residents of this animal help center in Rappolovo, it would need a factory or a food production company of its own. It’s now that these owls look displeased upon the sight of strangers – at dinner they eat more than bears. While animals anticipate a treat, volunteers in the kitchen are breaking their heads over what to put in their bowls. On daily bases they use dozens of eggs, 5 kilograms of fish, 10 kilograms of poultry and more than 60 kilograms of vegetables. 

Evgeniya Lyamtseva, volunteer at the wild animals help center “Veles”: “Because bears and cougars eat meat, we’re often in shortage of it. This summer we ran out of fruits and vegetables and we had to save up, but we had fresh grass so we managed to hold on”.

Volunteer and a future vet doctor Evgeniya manages to check up on all residents within an hour. To feed baby moose Bambi, see how the cranes – left alone by their flock - adjust to the new place and check up on Senka. No time for economy here. Every piece eaten by the bear cub is a big victory. It was born with serious defects in development and will not last long without doctors’ help. A two-year-old animal in the body of a 4-month-old cub.

Evgeniya Lyamtseva, volunteer at the wild animals help center “Veles”: “It weighs 18 kilograms when should be around 200”.

Helpless and almost immobile Senka was almost used to train hunter dogs – the cub was timely bought. Potapych, who is now sized just as it should be, was also lucky – the former performer was found abandoned in a forest. 

Olga Savina, volunteer at the wild animals help center “Veles”: “There were a lot of problems. That’s apart from the crushed teeth – which were crushed, it seems, at the place he used to be at, so that it won’t bite. Diabetes, malnutrition and a score of other diseases”

Potapych’s health – just like that of his co-residents – is being restored on charity money. Throughout the whole of the center’s 4 years of existence, it has been helped by the ordinary people who worry about the animals’ fate. They bring what they have.

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “After a rallying call, fruits are being brought here in carriages. Apples and pears – leftovers from a neighboring farm’s harvest. Stores helped with watermelons. Although, it was estimated that this would be enough for just a week. And another problem – there’s nobody to sort the pile of fruits, there are not enough people”.

They are ready to take anything – from dishwashing liquid, leashes and medication to aprons, soap and pieces of linoleum.

Tatyana Skvortsova, employee of the wild animals help center “Veles”: “We really need grocery help. Everyone went home in the summer, so we were left without financing. Its fall now, so the rations must have a lot of food rich with fats. Bears must eat ahead, so they can go into dormancy”.

It’s possible to take patronage over a certain animal – take care of it and bring food. The reward would be seeing Senka enjoying its meal or watch Bambi leaving the quarantine center one day. It is among the few here with such hopes. Others cannot be returned to wildlife for now, this would mean certain death for the weak ones.

All those willing to help may do so by dialing (921) 953-49-16.