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From fear to amazement: a unique illusions museum opens in St. Petersburg


The Museum of Illusions, The house of a giant, a glass labyrinth and a contact zoo – four museums at once have been gathered under one roof in the heart of St. Petersburg.


Organizers have tried to fill the space so that visitors would be able to go through the entire specter of emotions – from fear to amazement. Kseniya Eremenko went on an exciting voyage. 

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “Its high time to bring out photocameras and gadgets. In the Museum of Illusion once can walk on the roofs of St. Petersburg or fly on a balloon. To make the shot look real, spots where those should be made have been marked on the floor”

Tatyana Titova, art-director of Museum of Illusions: “You can go to the Hermitage. Or go to the Mausoleum without having to stand in the line. Artists from all of Russia contributed, but none of the works has their names” 

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “Have you been there?

Visitor of the museum: “Yes”

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “What’s there?”

Visitor of the museum: “The house of a giant”

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “And how was it?”

Visitor of the museum: “Really cool – everything is so huge there”

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “Lets go there then”

“I haven’t drank suspicious potions or haven’t eaten pies with “eat me” signs, but its as if I’ve become three times smaller. Just look at this kitchen – its master must be huge. This spoon is three times taller than me, I wonder what kind of food one can eat with it. And when this phone rings, the whole building must be hearing the bell. You can get lost in such apartment. Such sofa is not for a one-bedroom flat – it can be used as a trampoline though. And just look at these slipper – size 70 I guess”

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “Are you afraid to sit at a chair as high as this one?”

Visitor of the museum: “Not really. But at the table it gets scary though”

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “A house pet lives behind this big-big door. Look at this hamster, it’s scary to walk in. I wonder if it eats human flesh”

“From artificial fur balls to the real ones. Those are not illusions – all pets are of their natural sizes. And they are so cute when they want to be in your picture. You want to have a look? Oh, you’re a model”

Kseniya Eremenko, reporter: “This is where you can definitely confuse fantasy with reality. This glass labyrinth is over 100 square meters in size, and finding a way out of it is not easy. The glass is ultra-strong and visitors are given special gloves, so that they do not make it dirty in their attempts to find exit. I would not recommend this attraction to those who dislike confined spaces. I feel a bit confined and even horrified

Unpredictability of the passages and tricks of the mirrors have already created local stories. They say that one filming crew had failed to find a way out of here