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Unifying power of theatre. St. Petersburg’s theatrical season ends in Tbilisi


Best theatre shows of the Northern Capital were shown in Georgia. 8th international “St Petersburg theatrical season” has rounded up in Tbilisi.


It’s a large-scale project which presents plays created at St. Petersburg’s theatres and in Europe. Elena Boldysheva on how the Georgian spectators received our performers

Elena Boldysheva, reporter: “In Tbilisi, the international festival “St. Petersburg’s theatrical season” became the major event. Our theatres were well-anticipated here. Tickets to all shows were sold-out in 2 days. But the best evidences of Georgian spectator’s interest to the Russian theatre art were filled-up venues at all 5 shows of this season”

Tbilisi is considered the theatrical capital of the Caucasus. Maybe that’s why the organizers were not scared to bring the controversial show of Andriy Zholdak here – the three-hour-long show “Madame Bovary “, which in St. Petersburg is being shown at the “Andrey Mironov Russian Non-repertory theatre”

Rudolf Furmanov, artisitic director of “Andrey Mironov Russian Non-repertory theatre”: “Im not a fan of “Madam Bovary” show, which we’re showing in Tbilisi today. And now – during the break – members of the Georgian intelligentsia approach me and thank Zholdak for the play”

Andriy Zholdak, director: “I sent a secret message to the woman I lost. I sent a message above”

The eccentric director made actresses write dictations at rehearsals. The word MEETING – according to Zholdak – is the key in life, so it must be written in capitals.

Elena Kalinina, actress: “Zholdak says – you must be sexy. You must be sensible. What are you? Eyes at the floor? Now, eyes must be cunning, with a little squint. Or – put your lips like Moscow-Beijing. Its our own thing, I can’t really show it now” 

Spectators did not see the actors’ shyness. And during the amusing “Comic-trust” shows they even took to the stage themselves. Vadim Fisson’s show “Cabaret Naphthalene” became the festival’s bright spot. Actors of Grigoriy Kozlov’s “Masterskaya” theatre also made people laugh. It brought the comedy “Dreams of love or Balzaminov’s marriage” here. Actors of the “Priyut comedianta” theatre showed a serious play – philosophic “Pygmalion” by Grigoriy Dityatkovskiy

Lina Chkeidze, spectator: “We’ve had something of an emotional and cultural hunger here, because we haven’t had a theatrical event of such magnitude in Tbilisi for a long time”

The final stroke of the season was the “Helver’s Night” show by the V.F.Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, directed by Alexander Bargman – laureate of the “Golden Soffit-2013” award in two nominations.

The main character – a disabled person – faces death from fighters for racial purity. The dangers of fascism and totalitarian regimes are the main idea of the show.

Alexander Bargman, director: “If we would not stage such shows, then we would never realize the depth of the abyss which we can fall into”

Current political events are suggesting the Villqist’s play is acute today. It wouldn’t hurt to show it in other countries.

Viktor Minkov, artistic director of the “St. Petersburg’s theatrical season” festival: “Culture goes beyond borders. It is separate from anything which can divide us. To the contrary – culture unites. These 5 shows brought from St. Petersburg have united us – in everything, but foremost spiritually”

In the history of this festival, actors from St. Petersburg have taken to the stages of Italy, Germany, France, Israel, and Finland. The next “St. Petersburg’s theatrical season” will take place in Serbia’s capital – Belgrade.