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Dangerous refreshments: experiments with soda pops and potential ban on sales to children


The world day of quality is marked on November 13th. Rospotrebnadzor watchdog will host a hotline on the quality of goods and services. The number is 712 29 81.


The Public Chamber decided to return to the issue of children’s healthcare. One of their latest initiatives – banning children under 14 from buying soda pops in stores. In addition, labels warning of health risks may appear on the bottles – similar to cigarettes and alcohol. Rodion Kovalev with more

Can lead to severe consequences – such warning could appear on bottles with sweet pops. Only words like “cancer” or “impotence” – as we can see on cigarette packs – could be replaced by the nonetheless terrifying “obesity”, “diabetes” or “gastritis”. Moreover, the soda pops would be available for sales only to those older than 14, if they produce their IDs. That’s the initiative of the Public Chamber. Doctors are all up for it – children who like sweets are guaranteed a lot of diseases from soda pops.

Mariya Revnova, head of pediatrics department: “The soda pops by itself is not good for intestines. The little bubbles in it raise acid levels. Plus it contains a lot of sugar. And there ‘s a great pressure on pancreatic gland”

Are all soda pops equally harmful? We peeled off their labels. And brought those for tests to chemists. Bottles 1 and 2 contain foreign products, bottle number 3 has a domestic one

-Hi, I brought three different drinks, may we test them?

- Of course you can, put those on the table and have a seat

Contents of the bottles had been carefully studied for two days. Those are carbon dioxide, caffeine, phosphoric acid, a lot of sugar and, of course, a lot of colorants.

Valeriy Timofeev, deputy head of research lab: “While determining the proportion of materials, it turned out that specimen 1 and 2 have 2-3 times more sugar than the 3rd one”

Despite the 3rd specimen winning on all levels, the amount of preservatives is still astonishing. And that’s with all three drinks staying within norms – meaning official not harmful. Meanwhile, many consumers have already stopped drinking those and are using them in household.

The liquid dissolves grease and rust, coin collectors love it and it can even clean steel. One can find dozens – if not hundreds – ways to use soda pops online. Some are purely practical, necessary at home. Others are all about effective videos.

Rodion Kovalev, reporter: “We decided to join authors of numerous clips and conduct an experiment of our own – with the help of an everyday thing. We took a saucepan with burnt food – it took some effort to make it look this bad though. We put 2 liters of soda pop in it and put it on a strong fire. As you can see – it’s like new. The experiment is a success, you can like it.

Some deputies of the State Duma have supported the idea of limiting children from drinking too much soda pops; they also suggested taxing those drinks. Although in the USA – the country which created it more than a century ago – such initiative was passed only in one city – Berkeley. And only a week ago.