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With the president on the chest: Sergienko reveals how the “Rodina” clothes collection was designed


The Russian Any Warhol. Artist from St. Petersburg Alexey Sergienko earned such label for his clothes collection, which fir perfectly into the global trend.


It depicts the Russian president. With his dog, at the Olympics and even looking like a superhero. Alexandra Lee met the collection’s designer.

Alexey Sergienko, artist: “Usually I sing while standing on my arms”

Artist, athlete and patriot Alexey Sergienko is now selling Putin at full scale. And there are no double-meanings. He released the designer clothing depicting the president – t-shirts, coats and shoes branded “Rodina” – to mark Vladimir Vladimirovich’s birthday. And it has already been displayed in Paris. 

Alexey Sergienko, artist: “Every second person has Versace or Armani there. And with Putin – one feels the might”

Now Putin has to be on the chest – that is in the heart of everyone. The idea came to Alexey while he was on holiday in India. He drew a sketch for the future print right on the sand. The Kremlin star, matryoshkas, birch trees, the president’s initials and 50 pop-art portraits of him. Sergienko has already been called the Russian Andy Warhol. Although his model is not a Hollywood star. 

Alexey Sergienko, artist: “Putin has a difficult face for drawing. Drawing him 50 times is almost impossible. Some told me he looked like Obama”

To make Putin look like himself, the images were post-processed on a computer – those were adapted to clothing. With the help of St. Petersburg’s designers clothes and shoes were made literally within two months. 

Nelli Nedre, clothes designer: “We combined the style of the brand and integrated Alexey’s prints into this style. We implemented separate details, sleeves and materials – this is 100% cotton. And, at the same time, it’s a universal thing – not to overburden it with prints”

Clothes from the 1st collection has already become a hit among patriots, fashion lovers and those who prefer exclusive things. Here is, by the way, a limited edition dress with matryoshkas and “hearty” autograph from a catwalk show

Alexey Sergienko, artist: “Now you see the t-shirt covered with matryoshkas. This is in essence the Russian response to Damien Hurst who used circles. People I talk with say – its really cool, are you a patriot? Yes, I am”

Alexey has been on a patriotic path since 2012 – just when Vladimir Vladimirovich was re-elected for presidency

Alexey Sergienko, artist: “I watched it on television, and was impressed – in a good way. I understood that this man is despite being very serious, he can still shed a tear – meaning he sincerely felt it, was worried when he saw the sea of his supporters”

And there it went. “Putin with a dog”, “Putin at the Olympics”, “Putin the Iron Man”. This is, by the way, the newest painting from the series – “Putin – the kindest man”. But there are some special things in this collection too 

Alexey Sergienko, artist: “He was given this accordion in Argentina. He took it out of the bag and started playing. Nobody knew Putin could play accordion”

October 7th – the president’s birthday – is now Alexey’s special day. Last year he even dedicated a song to Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Alexandra Lee, reporter: “Soon the clothes will hit mass production and will be sold everywhere. Alexey Sergienko's’ collection has ultra-stylish sweatshirts with birch trees for patriotic fashionistas, sweaters with the star and patriotic windcoats with Putin. The designer hopes that these clothes will make their way from catwalks into homes of every Russian woman. And would have a similar effect to the famous phrase “Man, hold on!”